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Five Signs That Warn You about a Faulty Engine

For a car owner, nothing is more frightful than having a malfunctioning engine, and the problem can worsen if you ignore the signs that your car gives before breaking down. Not every engine-related problem will cost you dearly; some issues—if detected early—will require you replacing a gasket or performing some minor repairing tasks. However, if these issues are not detected in advance, they can cause an engine to be replaced. That is why; we have shared four of the most common signals that a car gives to its owner before going out of kilter.

Warning Lights

If your car is in good working condition, then one by one each of the lights turns off. If they don’t , then it is a sign that there is something wrong. Basically, these lights are connected to sensors that monitor everything about your car. If there is something out of order, the computer tells you about it using these lights. These lights indicate towards problems such as, check oil/oil level low, oil pressure low and check engine. The “check engine” light may point various problems out, including loose screw cap, worn pistons and others. In this case, you call a technician to identify the exact trouble.

Not so smooth driving

Driving should be free of surging, jerking, or stalling. If you find difficulty in maintaining smooth driving, this is pretty strong sign of an engine trouble. The problem could be due to clogged fuel lines, fuel filter and fouled spark plugs. In order to avoid this situation, you should consider oil change and belt replacement at recommended intervals.

Rude Noises

If there is a tapping or popping sound, your car engine is battling with serious problems. This situation may indicate towards detonation within the engine’s cylinders, can result in expensive. Likewise, if you experience a grinding noise while starting your car, it means there is a problem with starter motor. Further, in case you hear grinding or tickling noise from injectors, it is right time to take your car to an experienced technician.

Foul Smells

Any foul smell inside your car may signify oil or coolant leaking from their closed-loop system, or it may be a sign of emission of dangerous exhaust gases, such as carbon monoxide. The smell of burning rubber may indicate towards faulty belts beneath the hood.

These problems can damage your car engine’s to a great extent, which may create an urge to get the entire unit replaced with reconditioned one. There are many online retailers offering reconditioned Fiat Doblo engines, and for other cars at affordable price tags.

The History of the Wheel, and a Wheel That is Making History

Since that first wooden wheel changed the world, man has been improving upon the concept with many different materials and ideas. History shows us, that the first successful wheels were not actually solid, but were made from boards, fastened together and then the edges were rounded. The theory is that a solid wheel was just not strong enough to support any real weight, for long distances, over difficult ground. Many millennia later, someone dreamed of the incredible spoked wheel, which is essentially the basis for every wheel invented since.

The first innovative idea to improve a wheel came by wrapping an iron band around the wooden wheels used on carts and wagons. And then, the pneumatic tire was invented, and in some form or another, has continued to take us to the roads today. The improvements engineered for  tires, as well as for  rims has continued through the years, with the inventions and enhancements of nylon, cord, rubber, and other materials tried out for different types of tires. The actual rim or wheel has been experimented with and altered in design and material as the world discovered steel, iron, and aluminum, and variations of these metals, and also different types of plastics. Though for the record, plastics are not yet considered suitable for structure of a rim, but mostly for cosmetic purpose, to cover the rim and improve the appearance.

What is the difference between alloy and aluminum?

In truth, nothing at all. Alloy is honestly just a shorter, alternate word for aluminum. So, don’t be confused by the references to aluminum rim or alloy wheel, they are not separate entities, only different names to call the same thing. (Just in case anyone else wasn’t really sure about that). By the way, once upon a time, rim and wheel were different things, but now are the same.
The alloy wheel versus the steel wheel.

The most popular choice of wheels today, is the alloy wheel or the aluminum rim if you’d rather. And not only because they are so much prettier than steel rims, though they really are. However, the real reason that alloy is so much more popular, is because it is so much lighter, and structurally stronger. Steel wheels and hubcaps are heavy, and when riding in a car that has them, you feel every bump in the road. Aluminum wheels make for a much smoother ride; actually, it can feel like gliding over the road. That is why most luxury automobiles have them now. Race cars use alloy wheels because they are lighter weight,  cause less tire stress, and have much better balance; all of which tends to be beneficial for increased speed. The biggest concern that people have with alloy wheels, is the cost. Steel wheels are definitely less expensive to manufacture, so they are of course more affordable. In the long run however, the price you pay is offset by the fact that you are getting more for your money.

Hydrogen vs Ethanol, Check and Checkmate

After all the buzz about the new water for fuel technology, which actually is a concept that was first discovered more than two centuries ago, way back in 1800 as a matter of fact. I wanted to take a close look at some important facts.

With all the ads and websites talking about using hydrogen Fuel abstracted from water and ethanol, which was the poster boy for alternative fuels not even a year ago, now not even being mentioned I decided it would be good to compare this old hydrogen fuel technology to that of the benefits of ethanol.

A refocus on Hydrogen as I’m sure you can deduce was brought about by the recent fuel crises where were paying 300% more for gasoline and diesel than we did less than a generation ago. When you think crisis, a 300% increase in cost should have its own picture of a gas pump in the dictionary saying “I’m Crisis” … but, I digress.

So lets jump right into it.

Ethanol not long ago was being proclaimed the future of alternative fuel sources by many experts around the world. It makes sense because ethanol is renewable, being derived from growing corn crops for the most part. It is a much cleaner burning fuel than gasoline or diesel and it is far cheaper to produce than both.

Ethanol burns well and slightly cooler because its molecules contain oxygen and this extra amount of Oxygen also seems to help gasoline burn cleaner when the two types of fuels are blended. This blend can reduce pollution in many older cars by up to 25% which makes Ethanol great for the environment.

All of these benefits obviously get Ethanol a “check” when it comes to its “worthwhileness” as an alternative fuel source.

Now, from my research comparing Ethanol to Hydrogen as fuel sources to run your automobile is as big a jump toward the positive as ethanol is a big positive jump over gasoline or diesel.
To start, hydrogen burns almost 100% cleanly. Its only residue is H20 with no pollution being deposited into our atmosphere whatsoever. So you have to give Hydrogen a bigger mark over ethanol when it comes to reducing pollution.

Hydrogen is also renewable. Remember, HHO when burned as a fuel the hydrogen that is not consumed and passes through merely combines with oxygen molecules in the air to produce H20, which again can be used to extract more HHO gas from. Talk about renewable.

Hydrogen from water is free, for the most part at least. Once you have your auto’s conversion kit is installed the only thing else you need to do is add some distilled water and a bit of backing soda.

A quart or a liter of water remarkably will produce a 1833 gallons of HHO gas that you auto can utilize for some 900 miles of driving.

So is there a cost involved, well yeah if you want to move the decimal point over about 3 or 4 positions, but in real world computations it’s basically a free fuel source. But, how well does it improve you MPG…

Hydrogen when blended with your car’s Gasoline or Diesel fuels will make your car run quieter, more efficient and will create far less pollution. To top it all off, hydrogen hybrid car owners are reporting as much as 50% better fuel efficiency.

What that means to us in dollars is that it’s like filling up your tank for half the price or if you are accustomed to having to fill up once per week, you could drive further between fill ups and only have to fill up once every “other” week.

In conclusion, ethanol is a great contender, much, much better than any fossil fuel and it does get a “check” for all of its benefits, but hydrogen fuel, free fuel taken from water gets the Checkmate!

The Unknown Facts About Electric Cars

Believe it or not, electric cars have been around for a very long time. In the early 1900s, there were more electric cars than there were gasoline powered cars. Back in the early 1920s when vehicles were becoming more popular, gasoline was very expensive. It also was hard to start a gasoline engine, you had to turn and turn and turn a crank in front of the car to get it to start. There was no key to start the car like we have today.

Gasoline vehicles were also noisy and put out lots of smoke. The cars either had no mufflers, or the mufflers did not do a good job. So, electric vehicles were a big hit. At one time there were 50,000 of them on the roads and streets of the United States.

But electric cars soon faded away like the horse drawn carriage. New ways to make gasoline cheaply were being discovered. A new invention called an electric starter was made. It started an electric car with a key instead of a crank. A gasoline car could go much farther than an electric one. So, gasoline powered vehicles soon became the main method of transporting people.

Now that there is a push for cleaner green cars, electricity is once again being looked to as a way to help reduce greenhouse gases released into the air by gasoline and electric cars could be one of the answers to this problem.

Electric cars do not burn gasoline in an engine. They use electricity stored on the car in batteries. Sometimes, 12 or 24 batteries, or more, are needed to power the car. Just like a remote controlled, model electric car, electric cars have an electric motor that turns the wheels and a battery to run that motor.

To charge an electric cars batteries, the car is usually plugged in at night. Some electric cars can plug right into a regular electrical wall outlet. Others need a larger outlet, like the kind that a stove or electric clothes dryer plug into. Electricity, is then stored in the batteries of the car.

The batteries can be lead acid batteries, like the batteries you find in our flashlight or in regular gasoline cars. Or they can be ni cad nickel cadmium like the kind that run portable video recorders or a portable video game player only much larger. Better batteries that hold more energy and last longer are being developed. In 2001, by the time todays fifth graders are ready to drive, electric cars should be able to travel 150 to 200 miles before recharging.
Car manufacturers and scientists are constantly coming up with new ways to fuel our vehicles in a cleaner, more environmentally friendly way. The production of the electric car is an exciting one that is being embraced by more and more people every year.

Why Classic Cars are Better Than New Ones

The start of 2008 brought great hilarity for those of us who keep a keen eye on the motoring industry – and especially those among us who sneer at anything less than a supercar. First, the joy of the internet and email meant I received a picture of a garden shed on wheels (yes, an actual shed) – with a clever fake press release heralding the launch of the new Daewood car! Very funny.

Then, in India, Tata Motors launched the world’s cheapest new car…the $2,500 Nano. Wizened industry-watchers heralded the apparent “breathtaking innovations in manufacturing technology in the global automobile industry based on severe cost-cutting”. Others were not so open-minded, with one United States media presenter describing the car as “a golf cart crossed with a jelly bean.”

But both events got me thinking – why on earth would someone buy a horrible new ‘Eurobox car’ when the money could be better spent on a fantastic classic car? This conundrum always baffles my colleagues at Sureterm Direct – the UK’s leading specialist classic car insurance company – so with their help here are my top 7 reasons to buy a classic car instead of a faceless, cheap, under-powered, Euro-shed.

1. Better insurance deals. Take it from us, as the country’s leading specialist classic car insurer, the costs of insuring a classic MGB if you opt for special features like limited mileage options can be considerably less than cover for a new hot hatch. And we’re not just talking about saving a £10 or so – the difference can run to hundreds of pounds. Classic car insurance quotes can be very competitive.

2. Zero road tax. Yep, that’s right. In the UK classic cars built before 1973 qualify for zero-rated road tax. You have to display a tax disk, but it doesn’t actually cost anything. So there’s £160 banked straight away.

3. It makes financial sense. The moment you drive your run-of-the-mill chunk of far Eastern plastic and metal car off the forecourt you lose 30% of its value straight away in depreciation. You no longer own a new car – you own a second-hand one! But if you invested in a cracking little classic car in good condition – and kept it smart – the chances are it should at least hold its value (and in some cases it might even increase in price).

4. Cheaper repair bills. Let’s say you’re in the middle of a country estate enjoying a picnic in your classic Morris Minor when you carelessly but gently bump into a great oak. You can find a new rear lamp for around 20 quid. However, do the same in your new Kia and the replacement rear light is likely to be at least two times that.

5. You’re more environmentally-friendly. People think old cars use more petrol per mile than new ones – and in some cases they’re right. But it is a well-documented fact that around a third of the energy consumed by a car in its entire life is used to make it in the first place. So buying and using a classic car is recycling par-excellence. Spare parts for older cars are readily-accessible, so keeping your classic running is again very environmentally sound – while many components used in the build of new cars are sealed in and only fit for the bin once they’re no longer of use.

6. You look good. Swing down the street in a gleaming classic MGB and you’ll turn heads. And it feels great to drive around in something that is instantly-recognisable and draws knowing waves, nods and winks from other motorists. Of course, your Far Eastern tin machine might draw hand signals too – but a single finger doesn’t constitute a wave I’m afraid.

7. Social networking. Want to meet nice new friends in great surroundings? Then join a classic car club. For example, there are events for VW Beetle owners almost every weekend. It’s fun – and it’s hard to imagine the same feeling from a field full of Daihatsu Sirion owners.

Transfers from and to Rome with

Are you one of those people who are looking for a place to go on vacation? Rome is the place where culture, history, and architecture are well maintained. When you look at Rome’s architecture, it looks like you are viewing innovative features of more than two thousand years. Rome, the capital of Italy, has played a part in influencing other states undertakings such as Washington Square Arch structure, U.S.A Supreme Court Building architectural design, and New York Public Library design. Some of the sites that will interest any tourist includes but not limited to the highlights below:

The Roman Forum and Colosseum

Rome is well known for its famous structures in Roman forum, and iconic Colosseum is among the features that can be visited. The Rome’s Colosseum is where you will get to know what the Rome people have gone through in the past. It is where you will feel the gladiator battles atmosphere. The Colosseum presents what is historically know as the battle of the merciless, slicing each others ruthlessly as the people shout the Champions name and sing praises to their heroes. The Colosseum is a place that will interest any local or foreign tourist visiting Rome, giving a vivid idea of what it meant to be in the cheering end or as a gladiator whose life depended on how well the fight went.

Vatican Museum

During the period of colonization when Roman Empire was governing part of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Roman Empire was the center of the city activities. Some of the well-preserved historical events are narrated by what the museums display and you will get a chance to visit one of the world’s largest museum called the Vatican Museum that is in Rome. Vatican Museum houses the Sistine Chapel where you will gaze at the ceiling because of the incredible artwork that is done and the nine scenes of the Bible from the book of Genesis and Raphael rooms. Still in Rome place, you will see catacombs of Christian, who were crucified because they were not permitted to be buried.

Architectural structures

If you are a fan of art and architecture Rome is the place to visit. Some of the structures to be seen are Circus Maximus, Arch of Titus, Forum of Augustus and Nerva that serve as a reminder of the importance of the Emperor. The Temple of Castor and Pollux or the Temple of Saturn and the arch of Septimius Severus are the Roman Temples that will let you experience the excellent feeling and have a chronological understanding of varying concepts as is depicted in these historical and amazing structures.

Rome is a city of beauty; it is the home to Tivoli Gardens and Villa d’Este that are not far from Ostia Antica, ancient seaport. Tivoli Gardens and Villa d’Este in the ancient time was used as the Emperor Hadrian residence during the summer. The garden has statutes, fountains and Baroque gardens that are excellently designed and are well preserved to date. Trevi Fountain is one of the famous features due to its size and style. Trevi Fountain has a Baroque style. The fountain serves as an acting scene as it has featured in some movies like Three Coins in the Fountain.

Visiting Rome does not matter whether it is during the winter or summer seasons as things to do are more than you probably think. It’s a place that you can visit as a family, couple or as an individual because there is something for everybody, as a learning centre as well as entertaining scene. Activities to do during the day and night are there meaning that you will get maximum pleasure and at you preferred time since it is not restricted. If you like to see the beauty of Rome at night, visit the Imperial Fora and you be ready to get astonished by the beautiful features you will see. The beauty of Rome does not end there without going to the seaside. The seaside gives you the pleasure to experience the sea breeze. There are beaches surrounding the seaside for those who like beaches and they are simply the best during the summer seasons for cooling the body and relaxing enjoying such an excellent breeze and fresh air.


Hotels and restaurants are readily available and therefore there is no worry of where you will take your meals, instead, you are spoilt of choice as there are multiple excellent places serving world cuisine. Restaurants serve their best cuisines and drinks. The cuisine is tasty and delicious; you will enjoy their meals, all made following particular recipes, such as those that are made as an honor t certain events. Other meals are made as a reminder of where the people of Rome come from while the restaurants also serves meals from world cuisine covering other areas such as Chinese food among many others. You will have a chance to take your meals in areas such as those near the Piazza Navona. In such places, you may find yourself gazing at the amazing fountain from Piazza Navona, making the experience even better.

When visiting Rome, there may be need of transferring from one airport to another. For the purpose of transfer is all that you need. It is convenient, effective and efficient. is available whether during cold or hot seasonings, day and night, any time you seek the transfer services they will get you covered. Transfer of people from airport to airport is a problem especially if kids or family members who need assists are involved. But with everything is sorted and you will enjoy the transfer. It is hectic to get public transport since it is a gamble, mostly at night, as you are not sure whether you will catch a cab, bus or any other means. In that case, feel free to go for as they will be there for you at any time.

Should I be Worried if I Accidentally Put Diesel in a Gas Car?

Most vehicle owners would panic if they have accidentally filled their gas tank with diesel. It’s a natural and expected reaction for people who believe they’ve made a huge mistake. However, the situation may not be as bad as you think. There are still ways to get the mistake corrected and get your vehicle running without problems.

How to Fix the Damage Diesel Can Create in Your Gas Car

Naturally, it’s odd to make this mistake if you’re in a gas station trying to pump gas to your car. This is because the diesel fuel nozzle was designed to not fit into an unleaded gas tank. However, there are people who store gasoline in cans and forget to label them, which is why this mistake happens. Here are two things you can do to fix the damage.

  1. Use a siphon to get as much diesel out of the gas tank.

If you can bear doing it yourself, the siphon is the perfect tool to help you clean up the damage. Once you are able to remove as much diesel as you’ve managed, try to start your vehicle. Expect for it to blow up a lot of smoke at first. It will continue to smoke until the last drop of diesel has been consumed. Drive your way to your mechanic.

  1. Have your vehicle towed.

If you can’t use the siphon or don’t have any other tools with you, call a towing service right away. Don’t even attempt to run your vehicle with diesel on the tank.

It Pays To Be Focused

Once your vehicle has been towed, your mechanic will drain the diesel fuel and might even flush out the whole fuel system. This has to be done immediately as the diesel fuel can damage the fuel pump, injectors and lines if it stays in your gas tank for too long. In some cases, the diesel fuel could have made its way to the filters and spark plugs. If this happens, they will need to be replaced.

Refueling your car should always be done with presence of mind. As a driver, your mind should always be present and focused to what you’re doing, especially when you’re driving and pumping fuel to your vehicle. Absent-mindedness can prove to be very costly. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your vehicle won’t suffer too much damage if you accidentally fill diesel fuel to your unleaded gas tank. More importantly, resolve to be careful all the time to prevent damage and expensive replacement, towing and repair costs.

Written by the staff at KB Tire & Auto. KB Tire & Auto is the leading expert in auto repair Moberly MO has to offer.


Should I be Worried if I Accidentally Put Diesel in a Gas Car?

Most vehicle owners would panic if they have accidentally filled their gas tank with diesel. It’s a natural and expected reaction for people who believe they’ve made a huge mistake. However, the situation may not be as bad as you think. There are still ways to get the mistake corrected and get your vehicle running without problems.

How to Fix the Damage Diesel Can Create in Your Gas Car

Naturally, it’s odd to make this mistake if you’re in a gas station trying to pump gas to your car. This is because the diesel fuel nozzle was designed to not fit into an unleaded gas tank. However, there are people who store gasoline in cans and forget to label them, which is why this mistake happens. Here are two things you can do to fix the damage.

  1. Use a siphon to get as much diesel out of the gas tank.

If you can bear doing it yourself, the siphon is the perfect tool to help you clean up the damage. Once you are able to remove as much diesel as you’ve managed, try to start your vehicle. Expect for it to blow up a lot of smoke at first. It will continue to smoke until the last drop of diesel has been consumed. Drive your way to your mechanic.

  1. Have your vehicle towed.

If you can’t use the siphon or don’t have any other tools with you, call a towing service right away. Don’t even attempt to run your vehicle with diesel on the tank.

It Pays To Be Focused

Once your vehicle has been towed, your mechanic will drain the diesel fuel and might even flush out the whole fuel system. This has to be done immediately as the diesel fuel can damage the fuel pump, injectors and lines if it stays in your gas tank for too long. In some cases, the diesel fuel could have made its way to the filters and spark plugs. If this happens, they will need to be replaced.

Refueling your car should always be done with presence of mind. As a driver, your mind should always be present and focused to what you’re doing, especially when you’re driving and pumping fuel to your vehicle. Absent-mindedness can prove to be very costly. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your vehicle won’t suffer too much damage if you accidentally fill diesel fuel to your unleaded gas tank. More importantly, resolve to be careful all the time to prevent damage and expensive replacement, towing and repair costs.

Written by the staff at KB Tire & Auto. KB Tire & Auto is the leading expert in auto repair Moberly MO has to offer.


Skoda Superb 2016 Review by Autoportal India

Skoda Superb is the flagship vehicle of Skoda Motors. The Skoda Auto India Private Limited (SAIPL), a subsidiary of the Czech Skoda Auto A.S, which is now owned by the Volkswagen Group. The 3rd generation model of the Superb was unveiled during the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The SAIPL has not presented the car during the 2016 Indian Auto Show. However, the car is expected to make its Indian debut on 23rd February 2016.


Variants and prices

The 2nd generation Superb has three petrol and two diesel variants in India. In the international market the new model has 5 petrol and 3 diesel variants. The number of variants may be less in India. But at least one petrol variant will have automatic transmission. Skoda India has not revealed the price tag of the Superb yet. However, the prices are expected to be in the range of Rupees 22 to 28 lakh.

Increased wheel base

In a teaser released on 10th February the company has given some of the details of the 2016 Superb. The vehicle has an increased wheel base of 80 mm. The elbow room at the front has increased by 39 mm and the rear leg room is now 157 mm. The boot size has also been increased to 625 litres.


Based on the MQB platform of the Volkswagen the Superb is designed with the Vision C concept. The wider and longer car now has features like a new bumper, a revised butterfly grille, a larger hood, a lower roof line, Bi-Xenon headlights with DRLs on top variants, window outlines with coupe-like design and LED tail lights. Higher variants have electrical sun roofs and R16 alloy wheels.


The luxurious cabin of the new Superb will have a dual-zone AC, lesser number of buttons for controls, an integrated music system with touch screen display and CD system, leather seats, Bluetooth connectivity and steering mounted controls. For safety 8 airbags, ABS and EBD, a tilt/telescopic steering column, a cruise control and rear parking sensors will be provided.


The 2016 Superb will be powered by a 1798 cc, 158 bhp, and 250 NM torque petrol engine giving a mileage of 13.7 kmpl or a1968cc, 138 bhp, and 320 NM torque diesel engine with a mileage of 17.2 kmpl. The Skoda Superb will accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in 6.5 seconds with a top speed of 250 kmph. The transmission will be 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic.

Our views

The 2016 Skoda Superb when launched will be competing with the likes of Honda Accord, the Volkswagen Passat, the Mercedes GLA and Audi A3 in the segment. With its looks and features the car can be expected to be popular in the market.


More about Hyundai Xcent in India visit: and also check out Bajaj V in India visit:

Top Four Tips To Keep Engine Fighting Fit

If you wish to get the best performance from your car, it is very important to keep the engine fighting fit. But, it can only be achieved with regular care of the engine. It needs to be looked after. You have to spend time on its regular maintenance to keep it in good running condition. If you do not have any idea how to take care of the engine, you must go through this article. This article contains a few engine care tips that promise effective results if taken seriously. Stay on top of these tips to keep yourself from shelling out more cash to get engine-related problem resolved later down the road.

Oil Change

Changing the oil on a specified time period is one of the best things that you can do with your car’s engine. Oil keeps engines parts well lubricated which further protect them from being overheat. The most recent standard for modern cars is to change the oil every 5000 miles, i.e., 8,047 kilometers. It is very to change the oil in order to avoid permanent damage to the engine over time. Along with this, get the oil filter changed periodically because it catches all the dirt and debris floating around inside of the engine. With a new oil and filter, your car’s engine will work in an efficient manner.

Cooling System

You need to look after the cooling system of your car in order to keep the engine performing well. The cooling system includes the radiator, thermostat, water pump and coolant. To avoid overheating of engine make sure the proper amount of coolant, radiator fluid, is circulating throughout the engine.

Checks for leaks

You need to check that oil and antifreeze—the two main fluids—are not leaking out of the engine. Intense heat and pressure can affect engine hoses. So, it is a good idea to check under your hood to detect leakage from the engine.

Spark Plugs and Wires

You are advised not to avoid spark plugs and wires. The wires running from the distributor send an electrical current to the spark that generate a spark to ignite the fuel and air mixture in the cylinder. If they are too old, they can affect your engine’s performance. It is recommended to change them every 48, 280 kilometers.

These are the tips that you should take into consideration in order enhance life of your car’s engine. If you are having any engine-related problem and want to get it replaced, you can think about reconditioned engines. There are many online retailers offering Reconditioned Nissan Navara Engines and for other cars at affordable price.

Car Engine Oil Leaks – Act Fast!

Engine oil leaks from vehicles are always risky. They are unsafe for the environment, roads and driveways, and for the vehicle itself. So, if your car engine is spilling out oil, then you need to fix it right away to avoid further damage.

Even the most luxurious cars at some point of time or other drip oil from their engine. Car oil leaks may range from slight ooze to severe oil leaks. If you find a puddle of oil under your car, then it’s an engine oil leak! These leaks not only damage car engine internally, but also cause serious environmental issues.

Sometimes, you may not be sure as to what is causing those unsightly oil spots in and around your car. To find out whether it’s coming from your car or not, try tightening the valve bolts. If oil seeps out even after clamping them tight, then it definitely is an engine oil leak. If you’re still skeptical, then open up the bonnet check the engine for leaks.

Car oil leaks can result due to faults in a number of engine accessories like the oil filter or its cap, the valve cover gasket, or the drain plug. Faults in the oil filter and the valve gaskets are the most common cause for an engine oil leak. It is recommended that you replace the oil filter every time you change the oil. However, it is also necessary to check and replace worn-out parts regularly. Fix the problem by yourself if you feel that the leak is minor. In case of a major engine oil leak, you should seek professional help.

Though the mechanic will take care of your car, it falls on you to remove those horrid oil specks from your garage and driveway. To do it efficiently, you must be careful in choosing the right driveway stain remover. Do not go for chemical dispersants. They cause all sorts of pollution and could possibly spoil your driveway. In its place, you can use environmentally friendly driveway stain removers like Oil Gone Easy Home & Driveway S-200, which uses oil eating bacteria to clear out oil spots.

You’ll not find a better option than this environmentally-friendly oil spill cleaner to safeguard your car, garage, and driveway in a greener way! For your convenience, this product is available in 5-gallon pails

Study of Car Engine (internal combustion engine)

Before going into detail account of car engine one should know, what does an engine mean? Engine is a mechanical device which converts energy into the motion or mechanical force. Do you ever notice the engine of your cars? It apparently seems to be a big mess of metallic wires, tubes, channels, valves, cylinders and many more. The car engine aims at converting the fuel energy into mechanical force so that your vehicle can move. This force is produced inside the engine by burning the fuel or gasoline. And hence, it is also called as the internal combustion engine.

Kinds of Internal combustion engine

Diesel engines and Gas turbine engines

-Diesel Engines
In which the heat of compression is used to begin ignition to burn fuel, which is penetrated into the combustion chamber during the final stage of compression.

-Gas turbine or Rotary (spinning) engine
It takes out energy from a flow of burning gas. It has a burning or combustion chamber in between the upstream compressor joined to a downstream turbine.

Now we will discuss some of the important parts of engine:

Key Parts and Tips

Internal and exhaust valve are used for two opposite reasons. Exhaust valve discharge the burnt fuel from the chamber whereas intake valve direct the amount of air and flow that is released into the chamber on ignition stroke.

-Piston and Flywheel
Piston is found inside the cylinder moving up and down, also called a moving cylinder. Flywheel is another part in the engine which is usually used to keep the momentum intact.
-Connecting rod
It is a rotating rod which can move or rotate either side. It joins the piston to the crankshaft.

Piston’s up and down motion is converted into circular motion with the help of this shaft.
-Fuel Trap or Sump
The fuel trap or sump encircles the crankshaft. Its purpose is to store the oil.

-Cooling Systems
In the course of severe driving and continuous use of your vehicle, the engine might get overheated. To avoid this there must be present a healthy cooling system in each car to make your engine cool. There is present a cooling fan and a radiator which contains the antifreeze fluid which helps to maintain the temperature of the engine and avoid the overheating problem.

-Starter Systems
Spark plugs are the essential part of the starter system. Spark plugs produce spark to ignite the air/fuel mixture. It is necessary to keep this thing in mind that the spark at the right time is of great importance for things to work properly.

-Lubrication Systems
Proper lubrication of all the parts is important for your vehicle healthy performance. Improper lubrication leads different parts to produce friction which may result in the malfunctioning of the part. Lubrication makes part frictionless so each part performs its best for longer period of time. Improper lubrication shortens the part’s life.

Water For Gas – HHO Conversion Kit or DIY Hydrogen Generator – Which Way is The Best?

When it comes to increasing your gas mileage, you can’t go wrong with a hydrogen generator that turns your car into a water burning hybrid. But does a home built hydrogen generator work as well as an HHO conversion kit?

The first thing we must look at is the price. A hydrogen generator kit sells for $1000 and up. A home made DIY hydrogen generator can be built for $65.

Both produce HHO and the home made version can be adapted in the way the current is applied and the rate at which the hydrogen gas is produced to match the output of the commercially available kit.

So, they work equally well and one can be built at a fraction of the cost. The next question is safety.

The most popular home built hydrogen generator uses baking soda as an electrolyte. The producers of the expensive hydrogen generator kits (or more accurately one company in particular) have made the claim that this type of generator produces carbon monoxide gas and is “lethal junk”.

Bold claims to be sure. But is this accurate or purely economically driven to discredit the competition. I built my own hydrogen generator and have been very pleased with the performance but I needed to know the truth.

People will say anything when it comes to money; they will even lie. I decided to write to the president of the company who had put out an article warning people that building their own hydrogen generators could kill them.

Serious statements like this need to be backed up by serious validated data and statistics. I requested such information from this company and the answer I got to my questions and concerns were: “ask any high school chemistry teacher”.

What? No data, no numbers of people harmed by home built hydrogen generators? No scientific data by independent testing facilities? Just this guy’s statement followed up by: “ask a high school chemistry teacher?”

So, I went a different route. First, I had my hydrogen generator tested for carbon monoxide production by a licensed technician. Result, no measurable amount of CO produced.

Second, I contacted a researcher from Gulf Laboratories who has studied and developed this technology for more than 25 years and he said the president of this company made “claims that were irresponsible and laughably ridiculous”.

I then wrote to the person who wrote the top selling do it yourself guide and forwarded a copy of the article claiming that he was “peddling lethal junk to innocent people”.

He said he was aware of the article and that it was so full of mistakes and untruths that it was obvious unsubstantiated ranting. He said he was an actual scientist and that CO is not produced from baking soda and even if it was, a teaspoon mixed in a quart size jar could not produce enough to harm anyone.

Not to mention the fact that the mixture is in a sealed container and located under the hood of your car basically making it impossible to collect any CO at all. But the fact remains the system does not even produce CO.

Back to the president of the company selling the expensive hydrogen generator kit: The president of this company backed up his claims that home made hydrogen generators were lethal by telling me to ask a high school chemistry teacher. I had written back to him with actual research done by actual scientist and independent laboratories and said he needed to provide proof the system was dangerous and that he had leveled serious accusations at otherwise reputable people and I hoped he had something to back up these claims.

His response: “Direct any further correspondence to my lawyer”. Enough said. These statements that my home built hydrogen generator was dangerous were made for economical reasons to discredit his competition and play on people’s fears. Shame on you Mister President. We already have enough people lying to us and prying money out of our pockets.

Are Alloy Rims The Right Choice for You?

Car enthusiasts might look into alloy rims, which are made of an alloy of magnesium and aluminum rather than steel. If you are looking to improve the performance of your vehicle, you might have decided to see about alloy rims because they are lighter than steel. Because of this, they can improve your control and steering in your car, truck or van. They also provide a slick, sporty look, which causes many drivers to turn to alloy rims to improve the overall appearance of a car. Alloy rims can be high in price, which makes them out of reach for many drivers. Although there are benefits, there are also drawbacks.

Many drivers choose alloy rims because they are generally lighter and make your car, truck or van more responsive. They allow you to take corners and brake with more sensitivity, which is attractive to someone who is looking to improve the performance of your car. However, sometimes alloy rims are even heavier than a steel wheel of the same size. Because of this, you should make sure you know what you are getting when you purchase your alloy rims.

Another attractive feature of alloy rims is that they conduct heat better than their steel counterparts. Because of this, they tend to improve the heat dissipation from the brakes. That means that your brakes are less likely to fail when you are in tough driving conditions. Of course, this is an excellent safety feature for someone who enjoys driving recreationally. Alloy rims can make your car, truck or van a little safer when you are dealing with difficult braking situations. But they also require extra care and are extremely expensive to replace.

Alloy rims have a tendency towards Galvanic corrosion if you do not take the proper measures to prevent it. This corrosion can lead to air leakage from tires, which is certainly an undesirable effect and can be very dangerous for the driver. Also, when alloy rims are damaged, they are not as easy to fix as steel wheels. Of course, when you have spent a large amount of money on your alloy rims, it is generally cheaper to repair them than to replace them. This, of course, varies by situation and driver. But if your mag wheels are damaged, you will generally find that they are highly expensive to replace.

Alloy rims are standard equipment on many high end sports and luxury vehicles, but generally not on the lower priced cars and trucks. Many drivers choose to add alloy rims as they customize their vehicles themselves. However, because they are so expensive, alloy rims can catch the eye of thieves very easily. Because of this, you as the driver and owner have to be even more careful when taking care of your vehicle and alloy rims. You will have to be careful about parking in rougher areas, as these are often stolen. If you routinely park in difficult neighborhoods, you may not want to risk having your alloy rims stolen. Or, you may want to look into insurance to protect them from theft.

The Pros and Cons of Electric Vehicles (EV’s)

Society is wising up in terms of buying the right, economical and eco-friendly vehicles.  A few  years ago, more auto brands were “going green” and started producing more electric vehicles (EV’s) and hybrids. Motor shows showcased more improvisations of electric vehicles (EV’s) – even the fastest car on earth is now electric.

We will be seeing more of the EV’s since most governments are imposing tougher emission standards on car makers.  Other than that, EV development is here to stay due to the fear of erratic gas prices.

Are you thinking of buying an EV?  It would be advisable to weigh the pros and cons before you purchase.  Here’s a brief look on those important points you should consider:

•    COST – Big savings.  EV’s just cost as much as gasoline and diesel vehicles when purchased but you save more in the long run; gasoline prices are higher than the price of electricity you need to charge overnight.

•    EFFECT ON ENVIRONMENT – Environmentally safe.  EV’s are very eco-friendly because they produce almost no emissions; unlike the gasoline and diesel vehicles.

•    VERSATILITY/PERFORMANCE – Noise-free and easy.  EV’s make a quiet ride and are fairly easy to operate.

•    BATTERY- Expensive and not eco-friendly.  Some batteries won’t last long before you have to recharge them.  New batteries are expensive since they are not the ordinary lead-acid type.  They are quite heavy and you’ll have a hard time disposing them since they’re not eco-friendly.
•    SAFETY- Quite the average.  Because EV’s are nearly silent, they become a hazard when people are not aware of the acceleration.  We are used to hearing a speeding car pass by and pedestrians might be in danger.  People who have driven an EV don’t feel safe because when they accelerate, they are not in total control.  Make sure to ask whether the EV you are interested in has gone through any crash testing; they might not have the same degree of safety as the gas/diesel vehicles.

•    PARTS & REPAIRS- Expensive and complicated.  Parts for repairs are more pricy due to lower demand.  There are only a few brands selling quality EV’s.  You have to be a licensed electrician and licensed mechanic to work on them.

•    EFFECT ON ENVIRONMENT – Not so eco-friendly.  More EV’s mean more power plants; power plants are pollutants to the environment.

•    VERSATILITY/PERFORMANCE -Low in versatility compared to diesel/gasoline cars.  There is no total control when you accelerate.  It starts out slow and the speed eventually increases unlike in gasoline/diesel cars where the accelerometer is very responsive.

Top 7 Disadvantages of Electric Cars

Soaring gas prices and environmental concerns, electric cars are becoming popular as an answer to some of the problems of the auto industry. However, do electric cars have a spotless reputation?

The following are their disadvantages of EVs voiced for some time now.

1. Charging Woes: Electric powered vehicles require charging stations, and for people to travel long distances there needs to be a network of such stations located strategically. Also recharging of batteries often takes about 3 hours, which nowhere matches efficiency of a gas refuel. And of course there’s the charging equipment you need to carry along.

2. Travelling distance (Range): The cars can travel only about a 100 miles on an average, and on a single charge. The technology of Chrysler’s proposed EVs is supposed to have the cars run longer, though.

3. Lack of power: In general electric cars are still behind gas powered vehicles in their ability to to accelerate and climb quickly.

4. Overloaded batteries: At the heart of electric automobiles are the car’s batteries. At the same time, as all other car accessories viz. radios, car air conditioners, etc. use up electric power from batteries, they’d drain quickly. And recharging them takes time!
5. They are expensive: Batteries that power these cars are a costly affair. Consider this: The promising and long-lasting lithium-ion batteries cost about US$10,000 each, which for the most part make these cars expensive. And if the batteries last only about 4 years, they could add to the maintenance costs.

6. The cause pollution: Yes, the ‘clean & green’ electric cars cause pollution too, albeit indirectly. While themselves being clean, there are toxic elements within batteries and which could spew toxic fumes. Further, the car’s engines are powered by electricity, and all of which isn’t generated from renewable energy sources. Which means electric power production per se entails pollution.

7. They’re Heavy: Batteries are what makes these vehicles heavy. A battery pack of an average electric car can weigh up to a 1,000 pounds or 450 kg (approx.) This a disadvantage because weight puts pressure on batteries and they drain out faster.

While the prospect of electric vehicles seems promising, electric vehicles don’t appear to be a pancea and have their own share of shortcomings. Consequently, a purchase decision in favor of EVs or hybrids might not be all that simple.

Hydrogen Engine Conversion

What is Hydrogen Fuel Injection?

Alright, I will attempt to not get too techy when describing things.  Basically, a hydrogen fuel injection engine is when the systems of your car engine inject either a mixture of hydrogen-enriched fuel, or pure hydrogen into the intake of your engine.  A lot of the time this is accomplished by combining an air/fuel mixture like the former description.  The more the hydrogen intake the easier it is for the engine to operate with a leaner and purer air/fuel mix.

Why is this important to you?

This is of great concern to many of you out there because the leaner and purer mix of fuel you can run your vehicle with the more miles per gallon (MPG) you will be able to achieve.  To speak in English for a moment.  If you can successfully implement a hydrogen engine conversion you are going to be getting a ton more mileage for your money.  The reason for this article is to give you an introduction into the possibility of hydrogen engine conversion that will help you get up to 2 to 3 times the gas mileage you currently get.  I want people to understand and educate themselves on something that has only been vaguely spoken of in the media and elsewhere.

Can you convert your engine to a hydrogen engine?

The answer, despite what you may have been led to believe, is yes!  You can indeed implement a full hydrogen engine conversion to your now obsolete gas driven engine.  This technology has actually been around for decades.  It has only been recently with the coming of the internet and the information age that individuals are able to learn how to convert to a hydrogen engine.

This is not a process I can explain easily in this article. So, I want to provide you all with a link to a website that will explain everything you need to know about this process. Follow this link on Hydrogen Engine Conversion to find out more about this revolution that is occuring in the private automotive industry. I would highly suggest you have a look because so far the auto companies are attempting to stay clear of this technology pureley for political and profit motives.

Get strength of your car with Steel wheels

Steel wheels are significantly stronger than alloy wheels. It takes greater force to bend steel wheels, and it is almost impossible to crack them. Given their usual utilitarian look, purely cosmetic damage is not generally a major issue. The weight of wheels, tires, brakes and rotors is specifically called “unsprung weight” because it is not being cushioned by the suspension springs. Unsprung weight has much more effect on how the car handles than an equivalent amount of weight above the springs, such that even a small change in weight can have large effects.

6+Steel-Wheel.jpgSteel wheels are heavier than aluminum, so when you put steel wheels on a car that has had alloy wheels, you tend to find that the extra weight dampens acceleration and agility, lowers the car’s center of gravity and in general makes it drive more like a tank. Obviously this can be undesirable for summer performance applications, but in the winter the effect can be a significant physical and psychological advantage. Heavier wheels will make tires bite the snow harder, and when driving in snow, having a car with dampened acceleration and agility, an artificially low center of gravity and a sense of solidity and heaviness can be a very good thing.

Steel wheels are generally only made in 16″ sizes or less. There are a very few 17″ steels out there, but not a single 18″ steel that I know of. I would imagine that 18″ steel would be ridiculously heavy. Consequently, putting on steels will often involve downsizing. Some high-performance cars will not accept down sized wheels because of oversized brake calipers or other suspension issues. There are wheel covers that you can put on steels to make them look like alloy wheels; they often come on steels sold as OEM choices, and can be found online as well. Wheel covers are fragile, look kind of cheesy, and are most often held on by a spring steel friction grip that has a distressing tendency to come off at inconvenient times and roll away. Most importantly steel wheels are 75-80% less expensive than alloy wheels. This makes them great for a second set, and inexpensive to replace if badly damaged. Steel wheels are generally better for daily drivers, or for any cars that don’t have to look pretty or do fancy maneuvers as they work for a living. They are ideal for that extra set of winter wheels as well. Most genuine wheels are made of steel. A stamped inner part is junction to a rolled outer rim and nowadays welded together.
Wheel is a dynamic part on the car. Its weight must be accelerated. Its movements must be tamed. And everyone familiar with physical laws can tell you that moving parts inertia is completely different from a static part. Steel wheels will meet the basic needs of drivers who want the convenience of a winter tire package without the additional cost of an alloy wheel. Another benefit of using steel wheel is that this will also bend much earlier than an alloy wheel. You can hammer a steel wheel back in shape while an alloy wheel will usually break. So if you intend to do many miles far away from civilization keep the steel wheels. You must keep in mind that old military wheels are mostly bent. This is less of a problem on cars seldom. Also it is not uncommon for steel wheels to rust to a point where their structural integrity is being affected. Depending upon the application, steel wheels are typically available in black or silver finishing. Their basic styling can also be covered or updated with wheel covers. Steel wheels are strong and cost less than that of alloy wheels due to the ease of manufacturing and lower material cost.

Ultimately your choice of wheel type will depend on your individual aesthetics and your motoring aspirations. Woodstockmotors-alloy wheels tend to be more expensive so that will be a consideration for many, but if you want to have the ultimate driving experience there may be a compelling argument for it. No matter what you choose, make sure you research the options because you may be pleasantly surprised by the enormous choices available.

Future Of Electric Cars In India

Carmakers have realised the importance of using alternate fuels to power cars. Lots of R&D is being done in this direction to come up with a technology so advanced that it is efficient and economical both. One of the many solutions that are most likely to influence the future in a big way is the concept of electric cars.

In India the pioneer of popular electric cars has been the Reva Electric Car Company, which is a joint venture between the Maini Group India and AEV California. The company began functioning in 1994 from Bangalore and soon launched the two-seater electric car we all know as Reva i.

Electric cars that can come to India

What Reva started is now being taken forward by the country’s other major carmakers like Tata Motors. The company showcased a Tata Indica Vista Electric model at the Delhi Auto Expo and is right now showcasing the electric version of the Tata Nano at the Geneva Motor Show. General Motors India, in collaboration with Bangalore based Reva Electric Car Company, is also expected to launch Chevrolet E-Spark during the later months of 2010. Rumours of Nissan coming to India with its electric Leaf are also there. Sources claim that even Ford Motors might have two electric cars – Transit Electric van and Focus to offer by 2011, though nothing is final and confirmed about any of these models making to India. Carmaker Renault also showcased its Renault Twizy two-seater concept electric car at the Delhi Auto Expo. However nothing is clear about Renault’s India plans regarding Twizy.

Major road blocks ahead

The biggest challenge for any electric car company in the country is the lack of infrastructure to support their products. So much so that country’s biggest carmaker Tata Motors is not too keen on bringing Indica and Nano’s electric versions to the country! Prakash Telang, MD, India Operations, was quoted saying, “Infrastructure is a problem and so is the manner in which electricity is produced in India. It’s more about the source of electricity and unless we are assured that we aren’t removing pollution from the roads, only to add those emitted by electric plants, we can’t move into the local market.”

This is not all, high pricing, servicing problems and travel possible only in a limited range are some other key factors that have been hampering the growth of electric cars. However, once these limitations are addressed the future might just belong to these eco-friendly beauties across the world.

Evolution of the World Electric Car Technology

Electric cars are a variety of electric vehicle (EV). Generally it refers to road-going automobiles powered by electricity. While the electric car’s power source is not explicitly an on-board battery, an electric car powered by sunlight is a solar car, an electric car powered by a gasoline generator is a form of hybrid car.
cars with electric motors powered by other energy sources are Generally Referred to by a different name:

Internatonal Standard (ISO 8713:2002) electric car is known in two types, including; Zero Emission Vehicles (Zev) and Low Emission Vehicles (LEV). Electric cars are categorized into Zero Emission Vehicles are Batterai Cars (Battery Operate) and car fuel cell. While that is categorized into LEV propulsion system is a car that combines the conventional engine with an electric motor (car Hybride).

Evolution of the World Electric Car Technology

The Basic Principle Of Electric Cars Engines

If you spot an electric car on the street, it is nearly impossible to tell that the car is powered by an electric motor because EVs (electric vehicles) look exactly like a gasoline powered car. The only other way to find an electric motor powered car is the excellent level of silence that an electric engine has!
For those who have gasoline cars, their engine bay features so many boxes and pipes which look like a complicated plumbing work but with electric cars,

In an EV, there is an ac charger which will charge the battery unit. Once you start the engine, the power will be directly delivered from batteries to the car. Instead of a gasoline meter, an EV will have a volt meter that will show you the charge. If the volt meter shows a low charge warning, it means that you should recharge your car immediately. The EV motor do not have clutch as the motor has limited control over its power output. Instead of an accelerator, it is a potentiometer that allows you to increase or decrease the speed.

To make the air conditioner work, there will be an additional battery source and for heater, a water heater will be fixed in the engine bay. The power windows and other accessories also use the electric charge and replacements are made. The potentiometer used in an electric car is similar to a fan regulator and works based on the resistance principle. However, increasing or decreasing the speed can’t help you to achieve a higher or lower mileage as the power output as well as energy consumption will be the same.

This is how EVs work, which is a very straightforward principle. There is no doubt that electric cars can help you to save a lot of money that you used to spent on fuel.

Edison’s Electric (Year 1889)

There is some debate about who built the first electric car in the world, credit is given to the Scottish inventor Robert Anderson, who built an electric car with energy unit energy sources of non-rechargeable, on the same year, the Dutch inventor Sibrandus Starting create an electric vehicle, as is done also by Thomas Davenport of Vermont. And it has been around since at least half a century before the Benz Patent-Motorwagen.


GM EV1 (Tahun 1996–1999)

The General Motors EV1 was an electric car produced and leased by the General Motors Corporation from 1996 to 1999. It was the first mass-produced and purpose-designed electric vehicle of the modern era from a major automaker, and the first GM car designed to be an electric vehicle from the outset. The decision to mass-produce an electric car came after GM received a favorable reception for its 1990 Impact electric concept car, upon which the design of the EV1 drew heavily. Inspired partly by the Impact’s perceived potential for success,

Tesla Roadster
(Year 2008-Present)

The Tesla Roadster is a battery electric vehicle (BEV) sports car produced by the electric car firm Tesla Motors in California. The Roadster is the only highway-capable electric vehicle in serial production (as opposed to prototype or evaluation fleet production) in North America or Europe. Tesla had produced more than 1,200 Roadsters sold in at least 28 countries as of July 2010.[2]  Tesla began producing right-hand-drive Roadsters in early 2010 for the British Isles, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Roadster is the first production automobile to use lithium-ion battery cells and the first production BEV (all-electric) to travel more than 200 miles (320 km) per charge.[

Chevrolet Volt
(Year 2011)

The Chevrolet Volt is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle being produced by the Chevrolet  division of General Motors and will be launched in November 2010 as a 2011 model. Its propulsion system is based on GM’s new Voltec (formerly known as E-Flex) electric automobile platform, which differs significantly from GM’s earlier BAS Hybrid and Two-Mode Hybrid systems. The Volt is capable of traveling between 25 to 50 miles (40 to 80 km) solely powered by the electrical energy stored in its on-board battery pack.

Electric cars in India

In the present age of depleting petroleum resources, car manufacturers have realized the importance of using alternate fuels to power cars. Lots of R&D is being done in this direction to come up with a technology so advanced which is both efficient and economical. One of the many solutions that are most likely to influence the future in a big way is the concept of electric cars. A number of automobile companies have developed their variants of electric cars. The concept of electric cars boasts off the idea of eco-friendly beauties across the world.

In India, he pioneer of popular electric cars has been the Reva Electric Car Company, which is a joint venture betweReprint in full with writer’s name, contact information and brief bio.en the Maini Group India and AEV California. The company began functioning in 1994 from Bangalore and soon launched the two-seater electric car we all know as Reva i. With specifications including top sped of 80 kmph, seating capacity of 2 adults and 2 kids, mileage of 80 km (Standard Model), 60km (Higher Models), Reva is available in three variants namely REVAi Standard, REVAi AC and REVAi Classe. This electric car can make it to your garage in Rs. 3.31 lakhs to 5.19 lakhs.

Besides this, other companies like Tata, Mahindra, Hero motors, Mitsubishi, Renault etc have also announced their endeavor to enter this new segment of cars. Tat Indica Vista and Tata Nano are all set to be launched in electric variants very soon. The E-Nano will come in association with Norwegian electric car specialist Miljoebil Grenland and is expected to be launched in 2010. Likewise, Japanese auto giant Mitsubishi is also working on its electric car project with plans using lithium-ion batteries for power. The Mitsubshi e-car would have a motor placed at the back of the car. Indian motorcycle manufacturer Hero motors is also planning its electric car by replacing the use of conventional batteries with capacitors for instant charging. The car is expected to be launched by 2013. Watch out for the upcoming era of electric cars in India.

Top 10 Tips for Classic Car Restoration

Classic car restoration is one of the most rewarding activities a car enthusiast can perform. Transforming a “seemingly old car” back into a classic vehicle in all of its glory is nothing less than art.

While this is a very exciting activity a car owner must know how to properly evaluate the condition of a car and then establish the level of restoration to be performed to such vehicle. There are 4 levels of classic car restoration, each one should be applied individually depending on the kind of project, budget and purpose. These are the top 10 tips for those classic car aficionados who want to reverse the effects of ‘the sands of time’ on their vehicles:

1. Sit down, grab a piece of paper, a parts catalog which would be relevant to the model you want to restore and run some numbers within your budget. Never deviate from it, otherwise the results will be obvious.

2. Inspect your car very carefully, top to bottom, inside and out; use strong flashlights to inspect the trunk, the engine area, etc. This will help you see the kind of repairs needed to be done to this vehicle. If possible take it to a car shop where it could be lifted to take a good look at the condition from beneath. Here you will determine if a the restoration process is worth the time and money.

3. After inspecting the vehicle, it is also important to decide whether you have a ‘solid’ car which can be restored without replacing the entire frame, floor, axles, etc. It would amaze you how this step can save you major dollars (Euros, Yens, etc.). By ‘solid car’ we are inferring that the car structure should be strong, as well as the floor; a little rust can be repaired but a completely rusty car which has the entire frame compromised will eventually crumble.

4. Decide whether you want to work with a “friend who knows how to repair cars” or a professional. It is often recommended not to involve friends and family on such projects as the time and money invested on this process may cause some trouble if the right procedures are not followed. Cars restored by people other than professionals tend to run well for a couple of years and in some cases start to breakdown thereafter.

5. Have a car restoration professional run some numbers and make sure they match or are close to the numbers you ran on step 1.
6. Decide the level of car restoration:

* Driver restoration: is often performed to get a car back to a fully functional and operational condition, they often include part replacement and minor cosmetic adjustments.

* Street Show: this restoration level involves getting a car into a fully working condition and repairing all major cosmetic problems (body work is required). If judged by a professional it should fall within the 80-89 point range.

* Show Car: restoring a classic car back to this form often requires professional work, if judged by a professional, there restorations and labor quality will fall within the 90-95 point range.

* Concours: this is the highest level of car restoration possible. All the work should be done by professionals, from part replacement to body work. These type of cars are intended for auto shows or private collections and not to be driven. Obviously, the original car to be repaired must be in quite optimal condition to achieve this stage, otherwise a major investment is necessary.

7. Start the restoration process, if possible follow a 2 step procedure (part replacement and chassis adjustments). Visit the car shop as often as possible to make sure the right work is being done. If this is not possible then have your mechanic send you periodical picture updates through email.

8. After the part replacement process is done, visit the shop again to re-inspect the chassis repairs needed, if sheet metal patches are necessary then remember to document the places where they are to be applied.

9. When all major restorations are done run a close and detailed inspection just like it was done during the second step to make sure everything is OK. Take it for a ride and see if it works correctly.

10. Remember to give proper maintenance to your newly restored classic using all the recommended parts and products.

The trick to getting newly restored cars to last for a long time lies within the last step, if the vehicle is properly maintained, in time, it will become a valuable asset and a sure head turner.

How to Buy a Classic Car?

Buying Your First Classic Car – by John Kelly

Many people dream of owning a classic car and fantasize of nipping out for a picnic in summer in a vintage Morris Minor, or ripping down country lanes in a vintage E-type Jag. But how easy is it to buy your first classic car? Sureterm Direct has helped thousands of customers insure their first classic and here’s their guide on how to approach making your first purchase.

What to look for
Buying a classic car is fairly straightforward, but you do need to take care in deciding exactly what type of vehicle best fits your needs. It’s no good buying a classic MGB if you want to use the vehicle for family outings (with kids and dogs) to the beach. Equally, a Ford Cortina 1600E might tick all the practicality boxes if you’re a singe bloke – but does it have the same effect on your street cred as a gleaming MK2 Jaguar? Probably not. Key practical considerations therefore need to be: Number of seats, number of doors, hard-top of soft-top, boot space – and even image!

Where to store it
How you store the car is also a major factor. Unfortunately, most ‘old’ cars simply don’t stand up to the weather like new ones, so you’ll need to keep your new classic in a garage or lock-up to maintain its appearance. If, like most people, your garage is rammed with anything BUT a car you’ll either need to clear it out or factor in the cost of renting a lock-up in your budget.

If the car needs some work doing on it, you’ll need space to move around the vehicle (especially under it). And if you’re thinking of keeping it outside, covered with a tarpaulin, think again! Damp rises, putting your car at risk – and how will you fancy doing your vital maintenance work in the pouring rain or driving snow?

The condition of you chosen classic car is a major consideration. If you have a background in engineering, welding or metalwork, a rusting old heap will hold no fear for you. Classic car magazines are full of adverts for a huge array of potential classic vehicles, and this should be your prime hunting ground. The key is to be realistic about what you can take on. A full restoration project is one thing – but it might be much more sensible to take on a project that’s been part completed, and just needs a few spares to get it back on the road.

Equally, you may find a ‘bargain’ for just a few hundred quid, that may well be worth £15k when complete. But spending hours trying to find irreplaceable body parts, or having to outsource specialist elements of the rebuilding project to experts, will soon make you wonder whether it was all worthwhile.

A sensible option when buying your first classic car is to spend a little more, but go for something that is presentable even if it takes a little longer to find the car of your dreams.

Where to find Classic Cars
The internet has made it easier then ever before to track down a classic car. Previously, buyers had to scour shop windows for likely purchases or buy specialist magazines, but now simply typing ‘Daimler Sovereign’ or ‘Austin Healey ‘ into Google is likely to bring up results. You’ll find specialist dealer sites, individuals using auction sites like e-bay, even portals aggregating all the classic car websites in one location.
Magazines are still useful, as they often provide added information by way of features about restoration. While the internet is great for finding vehicles quickly, printed media usually go into much more depth about the joys and pitfalls of classic car ownership.

Preparation before plunging
Having found a few potential purchases, now you need to do some homework to make sure you don’t end up with ‘a lemon’. While you’ll have some comeback if you buy from a dealer, classic cars are unlikely to be sold with a warranty and if you’re buying from a private individual you’ll have even less rights.

This is why you need to have a series of key questions to ask on the phone, or by email, with the seller to make sure you build up an accurate history of the car.

For example: Why are you selling the car? How long have you owned it? How often is it used? Does it come with any spares? Do you have any receipts for MOT’s or work that’s been done? Where has the work been done? How easy is it to find spare parts and can you recommend any local suppliers? You might want to know if the car runs on unleaded fuel, or if it can be easily converted, as leaded petrol is expensive and has limited availability in the UK.

If you’ve progressed to a viewing, choose a time to see it during daylight. Avoid seeing it in the rain too, even the worst classic car has a certain appeal when it’s sat in the half light with the rain bouncing off it.
And think about taking along an expert. You could enlist the paid services of an AA or RAC inspector, but using internet forums you can usually find a classic car club member close to you who’d be delighted to give you the benefit of their experience (often for the price of a pint of real ale!).
Other MUST DO’s on your viewing:
• Look underneath.
• Check for signs of sagging, which might indicate suspension or chassis problems.
• See if the tyres match.
Look for signs of bodywork repairs, especially paint retouches (black and metallic colours are very difficult to match).
• Check the body all over for rust and rot, or cracking in the example of fiberglass-bodied cars, like Lotus.
• Lift up the carpets if you can, checking the floor pan and joint to the inner sill.
• Start from cold.
• Go for a test drive – look and listen for knocks, grinding, and smoke which may indicate oil escaping and burning.
• Look out for a soft or lazy clutch and check to see whether the car has a tendency to pull to the left or right.

Hopefully, this list of simple Do’s and Don’ts will help you take the first steps to buying a classic car. Trying to cover everything would take all day, but the key things to remember are: Take time to consider what’s best; Don’t be afraid to ask for advice; Ask plenty of questions; And be thorough with your inspection.

Follow those rules and your first foray into classic car ownership should be a joy, not a disaster.

The Future of Alternative Energy for Cars

During the old hot rodding days,oil was king. It was also only about 25 cents a gallon, and everyone thought there was an endless supply. Then we were hit with the oil shock of the seventies, and we realized that there was not an endless supply of oil (only of lines at the gas tanks) and we had to change our ways. Big, gas guzzling cars had to give way to economy models,and many of the traditional car companies suffered. But continued hish oil usage still threatens the supply.

This fact has forced the world to look at alternative sources of energy to fuel our vehicles. What knd of alternatives are suitable to running cars? Let’s have a look at the facts.

There are many forms of alternative energy, primarily from the forces of the earth: water (tidal or hydroelectric), air,waste (biomass), the sun and the earth itself. But currently, we only meet 10% of our energy needs through these alternative natural sources. Coal, gas and nuclear fuel supplies 88% of our needs, and oil 2% For vehicles, however, oil is by far the biggest source of power. Diesel and gas oils powers most of the cars, trucks and SuVs on the roads today. Biodiesel fuel such as vegetable oil, methanol and ethanol are starting to be used in some buses. Using the same logic, we should be able to make our cars into mini-windmills or mini solar panels. But this use is limited and we nee to find a longer-range solution.

What does the future hold?

Using alternative energy directly in cars is not practical. What’ the solution, if not windmills and solar panels? Hydogen as a source of fuel for vehicles has proven to be the most viable. Many hydrogen powerd vehicles exist today, and more are being developed.

How do we involve alternative energy more in our lives? Hydrogen as a source of power is extracted form a number of different natural resources, such as water, biomass, coal and methane. The best source is water and many cars today are being run on fuel cells that extract hydrogen from water.

There are many processes to extract hydrogen molecules. But, in general, all of these processes require electricity tofunction. As the world’s population grows, the demand for power and energy grows with it. That will help the popularity of hydrogen power, but this type of alternative power will eventually be replaced by other, more efficient types of alternative energy.

So the quest for other, better energy sources for our vehicles will continue. We may see the day when an extremely powerful solar cell or roof mounted turbine will power a car for miles.

For now, the present problem of finding alternative energy solutions to power our vehicles continues. The task is large, but it is certainly is achievable.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Replica Wheels

Nowadays, the evolving vehicle market makes most manufacturers to fit alloy wheel configuration on new car purchases as a standard. Although it may not be the most fashionable or the best performing wheel, but an alloy type construction has a number of benefits and depends on the kind of vehicle and associated spec.

The advantages of rim of this type over the regular construction that had steel is that the final product is comparatively lighter and stronger and also in comparison with the fuel consumption, it is more economical, in addition to having an aesthetically pleasing look.

The important disadvantage that an aluminum wheel possesses is the cost when they are bought as a separate entity as these wheels are more expensive compared with conventional wheels. However, the presence of aesthetic appearance makes these wheels worth more than its cost.

If you want to improve the profile of your vehicle, going for replacement wheels could be the answer. However, if things do not work out due to budget crunch, there are certain options available. These include:

  • New Alloy Wheels
  • Replica Alloy Wheels
  • Cheap Alloy Wheels
  • Used Alloy Wheels

The performance of new and replica alloy wheels could well be understood. Although cheap wheels are a good option to go for but one should be careful that usually these are manufactured with cheaper quality materials and are unlikely to stand the test of time.

There could be some fundamental safety issues related to the manufacturing process and these depend on the place of origin and the regulatory constraints.

In recent times, this could be an issue as with a rise of on-line shopping results in a sharp rise in ecommerce as suppliers provide shipping both within the country and overseas. Although you will get what you pay for when it comes to quality, but safety is considered, this is one thing that should not be compromised.

The best option will be replica wheels for a complete new set of rims that are available at considerable discounted prices. Manufacturers of replicas have the necessary permissions for reproduction by the branded manufacturer. And that means producing these wheels to specific parameters, one of which could certainly be road safety.

Replacement wheels are a great way to add style and improve the ride on vehicles. The presence of a wider wheel, even with the exact same size tire helps in getting a high performance look while improving the ride of the car. One has to do some homework by using formulas to find the maximum wheel width compared with the tire size.

In essence, it is the purchase of a quality built replica at a fraction of the price of a very high spec set of rims that are known to enhance the profile of a car along with its performance that matters most.

It is necessary to keep with the fitting guides when buying any wheel and to carry out the fitting by a reputable store.

Alloy wheel

Cast aftermarket wheels have also been oversaturated due to the vast influx of inexpensive chrome wheels from China. India, through Synergies Castings Ltd. and other companies, of late have also emerged as a major supplier of alloy/chrome wheels. They manufacture products to global scale due to primarily cheap but highly skilled and qualified labour.
American Racing, which owns Motegi Racing and Weld Racing among other brands such as TIS, TIS Modular, is the oldest aftermarket wheel company dating back to 1956. The oldest British company is Wolfrace who was the first company to offer a polished alloy wheel in Europe and to achieve TUV approval. Wolfrace also provided the wheels for thrust SSC and the UK’s land speed record bid. A recent trend in the industry includes joint venture partnerships being formed between offshore manufacturers and local importers/distributors such as PDW Wheels which started in Australia in 2006, amongst a few others. Most wheel brands are ultimately sold through dealers such as RhinoTuning.
Some “aftermarket” alloy wheels are/were also available as Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) fitments, with BBS being a notable original equipment supplier to Volkswagen.
Some manufacturers also share patterns and castings, with an example (motorcycle) being the licencing of Marchesini 5-spoke design to Brembo, for the production of alloy (non-magnesium) wheels for Ducati road bikes.
Magnesium alloy wheels
Magnesium alloy wheel on a Porsche Carrera GT
Magnesium alloy wheels, or “mag wheels”, are sometimes used on racing cars, in place of heavier steel or aluminium wheels, for better performance. The wheels are produced by one-step hot forging from a magnesium alloy known as ZK60, AZ31 or AZ91 (MA14 in Russia). Cast magnesium disks are used in motorcycle wheels.
The mass of a typical magnesium automotive wheel is about 59 kg (depending on size).
Magnesium wheels are flammable and have been banned in some forms of motorsport in the UK following fires which are very difficult to extinguish. Mag wheels have been known to catch fire in competition use after a punctured tire has allowed prolonged scraping of the wheel on the road surface.[citation needed] Some variants of Magnesium alloy wheels may have low corrosion resistance.
They have the disadvantages of being expensive and not practical for most road vehicles. Aluminium wheels are often mistakenly called “mag wheels”.
See also
Wheel sizing
All cars have a different PCD offset which you need to check when purchasing a set of alloy wheels. For more information visit the alloy wheel pcd guide
^ Wheelweights.Net
External links
SEMA (Specialty Equipment Marketing Association)
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Alloy Wheel Guide – A very useful UK article on Alloy Wheels.
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Will Ford Produce A Fully Electric Car Instead of Hybrid Cars In The Near Future?

While the Ford Motor Company is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, they have long been reluctant to get into the electric car market. However, they did manufacture, market, and sell an electric car in an attempt to meet the consumer demands for a cleaner car that will produce less pollution and emit no greenhouse gases. Ford responded with their own version of the electric car.

The Think City electric car was produced by Ford several years ago, and many people took advantage of this pollution free, energy efficient vehicle. However, the United States has very strict standards when it comes to the safety of the vehicles on Americas roads. Unfortunately, the Think City electric car did not meet those rigorous standards so Ford ceased production and actually crushed the cars when they were returned at the end of customers leases. There are still some Think City cars out there, but they are no longer being marketed by Ford.

Ford has, however, started exploring and implementing the production of hybrid electric cars that run mostly on battery power and have the ability to switch over to gasoline power. In fact, there are many of these electric vehicles on the road today. Ford is a leader in the industry and they did not want to limit their production of electric vehicles to just cars. You can now find electric Ford trucks, SUVs, and mini vans.

Electric cars made by Ford are now mostly of the hybrid version, but there also are Ford brand electric cars that you can find overseas. Because other countries do not have as stringent safety standards, people in countries like England and France have taken the advantages of the electric car and are driving them en masse.

Some people are disappointed that Ford has made the move from a totally electric car to a hybrid vehicle, but without being able to meet safety standards, the companys hands essentially were tied. It was not cost efficient for them to take the electric cars already on the road and meet the set standards, so they had to do what they could to meet the demands of their customers for a more environmentally friendly vehicle.

Being an industry leader in the car field, Ford is doing what they can to meet the requests of their customers for an electric car. Perhaps in the future, a fully electric car with the Ford name on it is possible. But for now, Ford enthusiasts will have to settle for hybrid versions.

How to Get Classic Car Insurance in Arizona

Arizona is the home for classic cars, with the nice dry weather and many retirees living in the state. Many classic car and muscle car owners are older men, the baby boomers that fueled the muscle car craze in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. They want their old cars that they once drove (and raced), now that they are retired and can maybe spend the extra money and time they need for them. Finding the right auto insurance for your classic car in AZ should not be difficult, as long as you know a few basics of the law and standards in classic car insurance.

A few requirements will be needed to be qualified for classic car insurance in Arizona. First off, a garage will be required for your classic car. I’m sure this won’t be a problem for most, since that blistering summer sun can do some damage to any paint job if left out long enough. If your car is being restored or not in great condition from the start, you may be able to get away with having a canopy or other type of shelter. Make sure you explain to the insuring company the exceptions, and they may be able to work with you. As I will show later, contacting a specialty collector car insurance company may give you more relaxed policies depending on your specific needs. Typical auto insurance companies used for daily driving vehicles may not work with your exceptions as well as specialty car insurers.

The next requirement is having a driver’s license for at least 10 years, and it must be a fairly clean driving record. The decision about the driving record will be made by the individual insurance company, so you may need to shop around if your record is not that great. Furthermore, you will need a daily driving vehicle. NO insurance company will insure your classic car if you do not have another vehicle to use for your daily commuting. The daily driving vehicle does not have to be insured by the same company, but having the car is a requirement. Nearly all insurance companies put a mileage restriction per year on miles driven on the classic car, usually 2,500 to 5,000 miles. The more miles allowed, the higher the premium.

Most car insurers will classify the term “classic car” to mean anything older than 15 years, and sometimes 20 depending on the insurance company standards, so keep that in consideration when shopping around. For most situations, you should choose the ‘Agreed “Value” policy. You and the insurance company will determine a full replacement amount on the vehicle, and you will be covered to that amount always. The other policy sometimes offered is the “stated Value”. You do not want this one, since the depreciation value will be taken off the value of the vehicle.

The biggest tip that can be offered is to compare specialty collector car insurance providers. You could end up finding cheaper rates, better coverage, and the process could be a lot simpler than going through a typical auto insurance company. Specialty car insurance companies only deal with specialty and classic cars, so they know how to properly value a car, and can guide you through the process easily. Not only will you have less headaches, but you will be able to properly value your car.

Some Basic Facts About A Car Engine

If you ever open the hood of your vehicle you will notice the car engine which may seem like a big jumble of metal to a novice. Sometimes it is good to know how it works. If you are planning to purchase a brand new car then you often come across similar terms like “dual overhead cams” or “3.0 liter V-6”. These are all terms meant to denote the capacity of a car engine to generate power.

Numerous car manufacturing giants are coming up with cars made from the latest technologies. Recently Lamborghini released its plans to come up with a car with 12-cylinder engine. It will come with 6.5 liters displacement, an output of 525 kW and maximum torque of 690 Newton meters. In the quest to come with high-powered vehicles, car manufacturers are out-doing each other in the car market. All over US, whether in cities like Chantilly or Burke, people are always looking to buy vehicles which have engines built with the latest technologies.

In cars the most common engine used is the internal combustion type in which combustion takes place internally. Gasoline is primarily converted to motion which helps the vehicle to move. The easiest way to create motion from gasoline is by simply burning it inside the car engine. Technologies used in such engines are improving day by day, so it is important for any car mechanic in US, even those in cities like Annandale and Chantilly to stay updated with the latest machine in the market in order to know how to effectively perform an engine repair.

There are two primary things to remember:

1. There are numerous kinds of internal combustion engines which are used in modern day vehicles. Some of them are diesel and gas turbine engines.

2. Experienced mechanics, who deal in engine repair, would be able to tell you that apart from internal combustion engines there are external combustion ones too. The example of such machines would be a steam engine. The fuel in these types burn outside in order to create steam which in turn creates motion for the vehicle.

If you are looking for a professional and experienced mechanic to help you with engine repair – Chantilly and Fairfax are some cities in US where people can take their car for servicing to experts from Advanced Automotive Inc. They provide the AAA-approved nationwide car repair warranty which is for a year or 12,000 miles.

Three Important Facts about Dry Cell Hydrogen Hho Generators

Hydrogen generators are one of the emerging technologies that promise plenty of advantages to car owners. While some people are contemplating the idea of switching to dry cell hydrogen hho generators, there are many who have already taken advantage of this technology and have started seeing great differences in their driving habits and fuel bills. People who hesitate to use these products basically do so, due to lack of knowledge about the functions and benefits of these devices. If you too are one among them, then here are some facts that you need to know about.

Hydrogen Generator Operation and Technology:
Fuel cells within the hydrogen generators run on gaseous hydrogen fuel and generate the right amount of electricity to power your car. The energy that powers your car comes entirely from the fuel cell which is fully electric. A fuel cell is connected to a battery where electricity is stored and the generator effectively substitutes a conventional car’s internal combustion engine. In the dry cell hydrogen hho generators, there are a series of chambers that contain electrolyte and also allow large volume of hydrogen to flow through the cells. These cells function by routing hydrogen through these chambers. The hydrogen reacts with the electrolyte and releases positively charged ions, which flow to the batteries. As a result, heat and water is released from your car’s exhaust system in the form of water vapor.

What Is Its Impact on the Environment?
Hydrogen is an element that is available in abundance and hence it does not involve any kind of drilling or mining to obtain this element. The dry cell hydrogen hho generators do not emit any kind of toxic carbon emissions into the atmosphere, thereby reducing the effects of global warming. Using these products in your car can actually help you contribute positively to the environment and thus reduce the hazards that are otherwise caused by cars that run on fossil fuels.

Are Dry Cell Hydrogen Hho Generators Recognized?

Almost all the developing countries have recognized that these product scan radically reduce toxic emissions released into the atmosphere if all vehicles are fitted with these systems. Many state governments have taken note of the advantages of these products and are aware that these devices have the ability to change the nature of global economy. Therefore, this new technology is receiving immense support, to the extent that some state governments are even offering tax breaks to car owners who use these devices as an alternative to using fuel to power their cars.

All You Need to Know About Alloy Wheels

All kind of cars are useless if they don’t have wheels to be able to move around. Although some people might not find wheels as points of immediate attention, their use cannot be something to disregard. As a matter of fact, a car’s wheel and rim is always a priority for car manufacturers.  To some extent, wheels can even be considered as the main and most important part of automobiles.

The obvious importance of wheels to vehicles has brought people to find ways by which they could improve them. After many experiments and studies, car manufacturers have began to offer different kind of wheels that will let vehicles have the support they need. One of the innovations that were introduced was alloy wheels.

What are alloy wheels?

Although its name suggests an affiliation to the element aluminum, alloy wheels are actually made out of the mixture of aluminum and another element, magnesium. In some cases, the alloy of either of the said elements is enough to create alloy wheels.

Wheels made of alloy do not really have a different appearance. During its introduction to the market, the distinctive quality of alloy wheels mostly lies in the item’s performance. However, due to the development of technologies and the drivers’ tastes, alloy wheels can now be easily identified because of their eye-catching designs.

What are the advantages of having alloy wheels?

Like all other kind of innovations, alloy wheels were made to suit or improve functionality. Here are some of the common descriptions that drivers provide when they hear alloy wheels:

  • lighter

Because alloy wheels are made of unconventional metals, they are always lighter. This gives the driver the chance to feel unusually free when they drive their vehicles.

  • smoother

Because alloy wheels are lighter, steering and braking are also made smoother and quicker. Most factory-fitted wheels do not provide drivers with such a feature.

  • unbreakable

Alloy wheels are considered to be more durable. As a matter of fact, the lifespan of alloy wheels are considered to be longer than that of ordinary ones. In fact, drivers who use alloy wheels have observed that this kind of wheels is very resistant to tears and breakage that ordinary rims get in periods of time.

  • unique

Alloy wheels are priced higher than ordinary wheels. This may be due to the fact they are stronger and more reliable than their predecessors. For this reason, you will have the benefit of having an uncommon wheel rim that will give you your kind of style.

  • better with tubeless

With cars that have tubeless tires, alloy wheels are the must-have partner. Such a feature will let you explore any kind of wheels for your loved ride.

  • variety

Alloy wheels are almost always creatively designed. It is for this reason that you can find designs that depends on your car’s design theme. The availability of choices will also provide you with the chance to change and update your car’s look whenever you feel like doing so.

Advantages And Importance Of Alloy Wheels

Alloy Wheels are definitely “in” these days. Those bling-bling wheels you see on most vehicles today are all alloy wheels and they are gaining more fans and popularity everyday.

So what exactly are alloy wheels and how are they different from normal wheels?

Are alloy wheels better than normal wheels?

These are the types of questions I intend to answer in this article.

Alloy Wheels perform the same function in automobiles as the normal steel ones but there are certain added features in alloy wheels that make them different and arguably better.

Compared to wheels made of steel, alloy wheels are composed of aluminum or magnesium alloys making them stronger and durable, lighter in weight, better in performance and most importantly, stylish. These wheels are manufactured either by the process of casting or by forging of metal alloys.

Forged alloy wheels are lighter and much more durable than cast alloy wheels but they are a little hard on the pocket. Forged alloy wheels are usually the preferred choice for high-performance sports cars but that does not mean you can’t fit them on any other car. Comparatively, cast aluminum alloys are heavier but they are cheaper and yet have almost the same styling as that of forged alloys.

There is however another type of stylish alloy wheels called Mag-Wheels. Magnesium alloy wheels or mag-wheels are whole magnesium cast or forged wheels used in racing cars as they are the lightest alloy wheels available. Mag-wheels are high on performance as well as on styling.

Unmatched style is probably the main reason why most people now prefer alloy wheels for their vehicle. There is no doubt that alloy wheels make the vehicle look posh and increase its cosmetic appeal but there are two other definite advantages of fitting your car with alloy wheels instead of the normal steel wheels:

  • Alloy wheels are lighter, that means your vehicle has less unsprung mass. This means your vehicle handles better and there is improved road grip on most terrains. A lighter vehicle will obviously perform better on the mileage count as well.
  • Alloy wheels are also good in terms of balancing. Your vehicle balances well reducing stress on other parts of your car like the suspension and the axles.

Besides that, did we discuss the style that alloy wheels add to your vehicle?

You no longer require those fuzzy hub-caps and you can definitely avoid displaying those ugly looking steel rims. No matter how elegant your car looks, if the wheels are not up to the mark, it may be a case of “bride without the ornaments”. And indeed, wheels are ornaments, the ones to be proudly displayed. Alloy wheels maintain their luster for years (if maintained properly) and shine with that metal-chrome finish, enough to make your neighbors burn with envy.

A fact worth considering is that used alloy wheels and rims are available in the market at one-third the price of brand new ones. You get the style and features of alloy wheels without spending much.

With all this information at hand, I am sure you are equipped to search for the best alloy wheels for your car and tread the roads in style.

James Rodham

How To Convert Gasoline Car Into An Electric Car?

If you own a gas guzzling vehicle and are interested in making the conversion of it over to an electric car, believe it or not, you can actually do it. There are conversion kits that can make a gasoline powered vehicle into an electric car, but doing it is not an easy job. You will want to find the services of an experienced mechanic to help you make the conversion over to an electric car.

You see, there are many components of a gasoline powered car that can be modified to allow it to become electric. In order to perform this conversion, you will need specific parts that will allow those parts to run solely on electric power. This just is not a do it yourself project. Unless, of course, you yourself are a seasoned mechanic!

If you are interested in making the conversion from a gasoline car to an electric car, you might want to know some of the advantages of doing this. First, if you have an all electric car, your power comes from batteries that store electricity to operate the motor that is similar to a regular vehicle. You charge the batteries at night and then you are good to go in the morning.

A gasoline car conversion over to an electric car will allow you to know that you are not releasing harmful pollutants into the air that can cause damage to the environment. Vehicles are responsible for about 80 percent of the pollution in our world, and that pollution is depleting the ozone layer and contributing to global warming.
Once you perform the conversion from gasoline to electric car, you will find that you are not really making many concessions and that you will be gaining a lot more than you will be losing. A major drawback of a completely electric car is that you will only be able to drive about a hundred miles before the charge runs out. However, most people do not drive much more than that in an average day, so just keep an eye on your electricity gauge and drive on!

You can also do a conversion from gasoline to electric car by making your car a hybrid electric car. A hybrid electric car is one that runs primarily on electricity but also provides a secondary power source with gasoline or even another alternative fuel. While not completely emission free, if you think you have to drive more than a hundred miles a day, this type of conversion can give you a huge piece of mind.

If you want to make the conversion from gas to electric, by all means, make your car what you want it to be. Your environment thanks you.

Qatar Classic Cars, a Classic Love

Classic car lovers in Doha the capital of Qatar are willing to face the bumps to go after their passion. Classic, Antique or some may call vintage cars until very recently appeared to be a territory only the rich royalties and the VIPs are allowed to enter. However, this perception has gradually changed, and now the market holds possibilities for even the enthusiasts that are willing to spare a bit over a hundred-thousand Qatari Riyals the equivalent to twenty-thousands US Dollars. This became possible due to the economic boom the area is witnessing, efficient communications with classic car dealers in Houston, along with the superior supply chain management allowed cars in Houston to be transported at low costs.

It now became possible for a knowledgeable enthusiast, with patience, and time at their disposal to buy classic car in Qatar, or an antique car in Dubai, or even a classic car to be shipped from Houston. It became possible to start the process with the equivalent of three thousand US dollars, or in other words for less than the ca was worth in the seventies or eighties.

This however sometimes holds true, and sometimes does not. For instance, Morris Minors was valued in Dubai and Qatar at about QR 15,000 in the eighties. It is very difficult to sell such a car for QR 10,000 in 2007 according to a car dealer. Cars that were easy on the pocket back in their peaking days are unlikely to hold value over the years. Hence, exceptions always pop up, for instance this fact doesn’t hold true with the iconic mini.

I respect, and always reflect my articles with both mine and the apposing; however I do not see a Qatar classic car dealer’s opinion holding true. He said “The classic car market, if it can be called that, will flourish because people have bought [these cars] for nostalgia and recreation — not for financial gain,” says a dealer in classic cars. “Most people, who have bought a classic car in the last ten years, knew their cars would have seen a rise on the value.” To contradict, According to Classic Car magazine, the US has seen a growth in the market for classic cars, particularly American sports cars of the 1960s and 1970s. Cars, such as Chevrolet Corvettes and Camaros, Ford Thunderbirds and Pontiacs, are said to have doubled in value over the past three years.

As I have been promising throughout the article series dedicated to Qatar classic car, the research journey has not stopped, rather the more research I make, the more I am interested to learn about the differences in tastes and markets. To get up-to-date research results, visit the section I dedicated to Qatar classic cars

Customize Your Classic Car – Paint Your Own Rims

Paint your own Rims? Who would have thought something previously done by professionals could be done in your own home.

While, the concept of painting your own rims has been around a few years now, many questions pop up of how to do it and I thought I would share my own experiences with painting my Integra stock rims. I have read up many examples of how to do this, but my first time trying was this year when I chose to refinish my winter rims. I was quite please with the outcome.

First, what the hell do you need to paint your rims? Paint of course :) This is where Duplicolor comes in with their wheel paint. They offer paint colors to match your style coming in white, gunmetal, classic silver and bronze as well. I chose to do mine in gunmetal leaving my lip the stock polished style look. So here are your options:

So you chose your color, bought your paint and are semi-ready. First, you need to sand down your rims. Why? This gives the surface a rough texture so the paint has something to adhere to. Reference the article to polish your rims on how sanding of the rims works. The only difference with this is how far you want to go. In my case, being winter rims painted I chose not to go through the process of stripping the paint on the rims completely. I simply sanded down the surface with 300 grit sandpaper ensuring to make everything sanded equally. This gives the rough surface required for the paint to adhere, and as long as your rims had no damage it should be good enough.

Your rims are sanded; you have your paint and now are ready. First, make sure you clean all sanding dust off the rims and ensure a totally clean surface so the paint will stick and not flake off after your first drive out with your newly painted rims!!! Here are my rims washed and ready to completely dry before painting:

My rims are masked off with newspaper and masking tape. Of course you want to do this so you don’t turn your tires into the color you are painting. I don’t want gunmetal painted tires. Also if you look close enough, you will know that the lip has been masked off as well. So I carefully applied the masking tape on the lip to protect it from being painted as well. Also, you know the little thing you pump your air into, mask that off as well unless you want that to have a color change as well :)

The rims are dry, you have masked off what you don’t want painted and now you are ready. Put some newspaper on the ground and place the rim on top of the newspaper. You don’t want to paint the concrete underneath the rim so keep it clean with the newspaper.

Now apply your first coat of paint. Let the paint dry well and next day admire your handiwork and results.

Running Your Car On Water – Any Real Disadvantages?

With the recent increasing gas prices, more and more people have been looking into alternative ways in which to lower their fuel costs. They have also been looking for more ways to help the environment as studies have shown increasing amounts of greenhouse gases being released through the use of fossil fuels.

One of the alternatives to gas is hydrogen, which has brought the run car on water movement to a popular standing. There are two main ways to get hydrogen power into your car. The first is conversion and the second is to purchase a new vehicle that uses hydrogen. While there are no real disadvantages to using a conversion which is either homemade or a kit purchase, there is a disadvantage to purchasing a hydrogen powered vehicle.

Hydrogen is a highly flammable material that is heavier than gas. This could lead to a serious risk which is not as high in gasoline-based vehicles. The disadvantage of conversion is that these are hybrid vehicles. Even though you are creating them from your own vehicle, they are not hydrogen-based which mean that you are using gas as well as hydrogen.

If you are looking for the totally emission-free vehicle, you will need to look into purchasing a new vehicle that is designed to run specifically on HHO gas. If not, then you will have the disadvantage of still having to head to the pump. The good news is that you will be saving money because you will be able to extend the life of your tank of gas by 50-100%!
This means a longer amount of time between trips to the gas station and a greater distance on a single tank of gas! That is because people drive farther from their homes more than ever in order to find decent work, and with rising prices, being able to get more for your dollar is something to consider seriously.

If you are asking if there are disadvantages to run car on water, more likely than not your answer is going to be no! What few disadvantages there may be when it comes to using water as a fuel source, the advantages still far outweigh them. Water is a renewable source and in many cases, water that you may not consider drinkable can be easily used for fuel.

Chances are you may never run into a problem with running out of gas again. You can go farther and longer on the same tank, saving yourself the cost of anywhere from half a tank to a full tank of gas with every single purchase.

Hydrogen cars are more expensive just as any new type of vehicle is. Anything that is not mainstream as a result of conversions is more popular because it can be done easily in the space of a weekend from things that you can find at your local hardware store. There really are no serious disadvantages to using water as an alternative fuel source for your vehicle.

The New Generation of Electric Car Batteries

Electric cars run on batteries anywhere from 12 to 24 of them underneath the hood. When it comes time for new batteries, they are actually readily available. The batteries used to run an electric car are similar to those used to power cell phones and even those little vehicles that kids like to drive around the yard. Getting new batteries for your electric car should not be a problem when the time comes.

The reality is that electric car batteries last for quite a long time, so getting new ones will not have to happen for quite a long time. When you do have to get new batteries for your electric car, you can expect to pay around $2,000 to $5,000 for them depending on the make and model of your electric car.

Some batteries have memories in them and if you do not run them out before charging them, they lose some of their potency. Be completely aware of how much electricity you have left before you go to plug in for a recharge. You may find yourself having to buy new batteries for your electric car before you really want to.

The electric car industry is always coming up with new battery technology that can help power your vehicle longer and charge faster. It is only a matter of time before that technology will allow you to drive your car further before a charge. That is good news for people who are electric car enthusiasts. Right now, the general range is around one hundred miles per charge. It is entirely possible that by the year 2010, you will be able to drive an electric car over 200 miles on new batteries.
When the time does come to get new batteries for your electric car, you can rest assured that you will be able to recycle almost the entire battery. Electric car batteries are 95 percent recyclable. You have an electric car, most likely, because you want to do something good for the environment and give yourself some relief from the ridiculous price of gasoline. Well, being able to recycle an electric car battery before you buy new ones, you can have peace of mind and a new source of power.

Choose the best type of battery for your need when you are buying new batteries for your electric car. Get the best battery you can find for the money and rest assured that you are doing your part both for the environment as well as for yourself.

Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show in Pomona

Pomona is the Largest Antique Auto, Porsche, Corvette, Volkswagen Swap Meet, Street Rod & Classic Car Show of the West Coast. With 7 events every year, this Southern California Classic is explicitly planned for the Classic Car fanatic. Offered by George Cross & Sons, Inc., the events are held at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. It is the vital automotive event where you have the prospect to turn your classic car, car parts and automobilia into cash. Get a taxi Pomona to enjoy the event.

Anybody can take part in the event: industries, hobbyists and garage cleaners are all invited. Bring your characteristic car, car parts, auto accessories and automobilia to our following event and you will find for yourself why Pomona is the exclusive place to trade. You will be in the presence of numerous car part vendors spread-eagled out from corner to corner 2,000 vendor places. In addition, you will look through thousands of unique and restored classic vehicles on display and for auction in 6 dedicated Car Corral sections: any year Porsches, Pre 1985 Classics, any year Corvettes, Pre 1959 Street Rods, Pre 1985 Volkswagens & Pre 1985 Imports.

Since the year 1975, millions of auto supporters from throughout the nation and around the world have come and gone through the gates of the Classic Car Show & Pomona Swap Meet. We request you to come on out to purchase, trade or just to enjoy the day with us. You will be joined by more than 20,000 car fanatics who join each event looking for their next treasure. Bring your car, some easy walking shoes, and a desire for classic cars and parts. Try to get to the fabulous event timely, like 5 A.M early, because it all happens in just oneday. Book a taxi Norwalk to get to the venue in time.

The Pomona Swap Meet & Classic Car Show pulls audiences from all over the world to shop over 15 miles to discover car parts and accessories. This is a great opportunity that doesn’t deserve to be missed. Ink your timetable now! Come to purchase, come to trade or come to see. Bring your whole family for a great day on 18th of October 2015 at Fairplex in the city of Pomona, California from 05:00 A.M to 02:00 P.M. This is a one day event and the event’s admission fee is $10.00. No admission charges for children below or of 12 years age. Hire ataxi Paramount to transport you to the event location before time.

At the car corral, you can learn how you can display and sell your classic ride.

This is how you should buy a reconditioned Citroen Berlingo Engine

If your beloved Citroen Berlingo is suffering from severe engine-related problem, and you want to replace it with a new engine, it will cost you a fortune. Whether you like it or not buying a new engine in this economic downturn will not be cost-effective decision. In this case, you can get a reconditioned Citroen Berlingo engine from a reputed dealer in London, UK. Read on to know more about reconditioned engines.
Primarily, a reconditioned engine is an excellent solution to any engine-related problem that your car’s engine may be suffering from.
Reconditioning is a practice which involves activities to make an old engine work as good as a new one. During the process, an old block is taken out of unused cars and carefully tested to ensure its performance. Certain components such as cam bearings, connecting rod bearings, main bearings, re-ground crankshaft, new valve lifters, new rocker-arms, push-rods, new oil pump and pistons are revamped or changed, depending upon the condition.

And the biggest advantage of having a reconditioned engine is affordability. It costs you much lesser than a new one. In other words, you will get high performing engine without getting a hole in your pocket. If you have made your mind for such type of engine, there are certain actions that you should take to make sure that you getting a good deal.

Look for the renowned dealer in London

Leveraging internet, you can easily list down reliable dealers offering reconditioned Citroen Berlingo Engines. To be precise, you should go for a dealer who has an extensive year of experience in the market.

Asking questions

Once you have found a right automobile repair shop, you can ask about its policies related to services and customer satisfaction. You are suggested not to proceed until your questions are answered.

Check for authorization

Don’t afraid of asking your dealer whether it is authorized or not. You can also ask whether it uses certified or imported components to recondition an engine or not. In addition, you should know what process does you dealer follow to reconditioned an engine and how long it takes. You can also compare the given details with other companies to get better insight into the deal.

If you follow all these steps by the book, you will be able to get a well-performing reconditioned engine for your vehicle. There are many online dealers offering their clients reconditioned engines at affordable price tags.

The Science Behind Hydrogen Hybrid Cars – The Electrolysis of Water

The Electrolysis of water in Hydrogen Hybrid Cars happens when an electric current passes through the water causing the water (H2O) to break down into its two basic elements, oxygen (O2) and hydrogen gas (H2). It’s interesting to note that Industrial applications don’t use this method of hydrogen production much since they can do it more affordably by getting it out of fossil fuels.

The way this works in Hydrogen Hybrid Cars is by taking an electrical power source and connecting it to two electrodes, or plates, (or multiples of two) usually made out of some kind of stable metal like aluminum or stainless steel, then putting them into the water. If this cell is made correctly then Hydrogen will form on the cathode (metal plate that’s negatively charged), and oxygen will form on the anode (metal plate that’s positively charged). Since there’s two hydrogen molecules to every one oxygen, molecule in water the amount of hydrogen produced is twice that of oxygen and both are in proportion to the electrical charge that runs through the water.

Using this process, Electrolysis, for pure water uses a lot more energy, which is called over-potential, to cross the activation barriers. Without a lot of extra energy, electrolysis of pure water happens very slowly, if at all. This is because water won’t self-ionize, (breakdown), much if left alone.

Seawater is about a million times more conductive to electricity than pure water because of all the electrolytes in it like salt. Many electrolytic cells also may lack these needed electro-catalysts. Electrolysis in Hydrogen Hybrid Cars is far more efficient with the addition of some of these electrolytes such as salt or an acid or a base.

The history of electrolysis dates all the way back to 1789 when Jan Rudolph Deiman and Adriaan Paets van Troostwijk used an electrostatic machine to make electricity and discharged it into gold electrodes placed in a Leyden jar full of water. Then, in 1800, Alessandro Volta invented the voltaic pile, and soon after William Nicholson and Anthony Carlisle used that for the first electrolysis of water. Eventually, in 1869, Zénobe Gramme invented the Gramme machine that became a cheap way to produce hydrogen through the electrolysis of water.

Next, in The Science Behind Hydrogen Hybrid Cars – The Equations of Electrolysis, we’ll look at the scientific details.

Car Rim Sizes And Wheel Materials

Car rims have been on the market for some time now but their popularity continues to increase. Through movements such as hip hop culture, as well as their appearance in mainstream music videos and Hollywood movies custom wheels have definitely taken a spotlight in terms off “the” car accessory of choice for when you want to make your car stand out and claim king on the streets.

Just like other car accessories when it comes to picking out car rims you’ll have a wide array of options to look at including wheel materials and rim sizes.

Car rim sizes are not to be overlooked as not all sizes and models will fit properly with your car and current tire size. Before you even get into shopping for your wheels you need to either go visit a mechanic or take your car into a specialist to find out exactly what size and style will be able to work with your model of car as well as what would suit your driving patterns and goals.

Wheels sizes for compact vehicles will be about 13inches and that number will just continue to grow for larger cars like SUVs where 24 or 25 inch wheels will be a bit more commonplace.

Another term you’ll start to hear about as you look into getting the right size rims for your car or truck is “Plus Sizing”. This just refers to when the rims are actually getting bigger in relation to the current tire size. It can provide and amazing look and now even major automobile companies can be found offering plus sizing on their stock vehicles. Plus sizing not only gives your wheels a bigger visual impact but it can help you out when it comes to handling and control of your car.
So what about rim materials? There are also different materials to choose from when it comes to materials. Not only will different materials demand higher or lower prices but they will also affect car performance.

Chrome and Alloy wheels are probably the most popular materials being used to make car rims on the market at the moment. Alloy is the material that most are made of when you buy them at the dealership. They are light, fairly easy to keep clean, and aren’t usually too expensive. They are a good all around rim for doing your daily driving and getting around with ease.

Then you have the heavier and flashier chrome rims. Many specialized wheels are made out of chrome because of the beautiful shine and luster they give off. Chrome will really help your vehicle stand out. If you are thinking about buying custom chrome rims you will need to think about price because a nice set of chromes will cost you a pretty penny.

Electric Cars and The Unexpected Speeds

When it comes to one of the newest developments in the vehicle industry electric cars the facts about them are plentiful and easy to come by. This new alternative to regular gasoline powered cars has many people very excited about being able to have reliable transportation without damaging the environment. So what are the facts about electric cars?

First, there are many types of electric cars you can choose from, but all of them use an electric motor that runs on batteries that you recharge. The more batteries you have, the longer you can drive your car. Electric cars come in all different sizes and performances. They are aerodynamically more efficient than gasoline powered cars because electricity stored chemically is lighter than electricity stored electrically.

Another very advantageous fact about electric cars is that they emit virtually no greenhouse gases into the air and thus run much, much cleaner than many other vehicles. Greenhouse gases contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer that has led to global warming. Electric cars that run on batteries alone produce no pollution at all and thus are very environmentally friendly.

How far can you drive on an electric cars charge? The amazing fact is that electric cars can usually travel for about a hundred miles before needing a charge. The batteries generally need charged overnight and there is a gauge that can tell you how much power you have left. They are perfectly fine for city driving and those who do not have to go long distances on a regular basis.
This next fact about electric cars may amaze you. I know it did me. Some people believe that an electric car can not go very fast. But the fact is that electric cars have been clocked at over one hundred miles per hour and can go from zero to that in less than nine seconds. This is because electric motors have a very high torque which allows them to accelerate quickly and travel faster.

There are many more facts to be found out about electric cars such as their price, their range, their availability, and their benefits. Finding out these facts is easy. If you are thinking about buying an electric car, do your research and find one that fits your lifestyle. Most car companies produce at least a hybrid type of electric car that runs on both gasoline and electricity, but you can also find total electric cars if you know where to look. Just get the facts and then get on the electric car bandwagon. You may just find out you like it there.

Marvellous classic car restoration in Toronto

If your car is in need of repairs you need to ensure that you take it to a car repair mechanic that understands your model of car and has the required tools and equipment to do the necessary repairs.

Classic car restoration 

Do you have a classic car parked somewhere in the garage, something that hasn’t been touched since your dad’s time or even older? Well you just might have a little piece of treasure in that old thing.

Car Quarters are very proficient in classic car restoration. They match the timeless look of the car with whatever capabilities the car has to offer. Of course they may have to upgrade some of the parts with modern stuff, as this helps the car function better too. An upgrade of the mechanisms will give you an upbeat 21st century performance with the classic look still intact. There is no greater joy than having your classic car restoration done.

Toronto Auto Repair

All mechanical engines are in need of repair when they are used frequently and your car is no different. Together with owning a car comes the responsibility of caring for it and maintaining it and this includes regularly servicing it as well. It is advisable to take your car to a good Toronto Auto Repair workshop like Car Quarters. They have a highly qualified professional team of mechanics and staff who know their job and can do a quick repair for you.

Reasonable car repairs in Toronto

When you are considering having you car repaired, cost is an important consideration. The repairs should be easy on your pocket. Car Quarters will do a good job of repairs on your car and only change the parts that need changing. They charge very competitive rates and do not over charge their clients. They also have special deals and offers during some months. With this you can get some jobs in your car done for a steal. It is worth keeping a lookout for these.

State of the art equipment

When a car repair workshop uses high grade equipment you can be sure that they do a very professional job of repair. At Car Quarters they invest in the best equipment for diagnosing the problems in your car and high quality tools for the repairs. They ensure that they use the correct tools and equipment that is required. They have a large facility and a very skilled team to deal with any kind of problem that your car may have. If you find you have a problem that you are not able to determine, bring your car in and Car Quarters will not only diagnose the problem but will give you a cost effective solution to it as well.

Classic Vintage Cars are Not Just Old Cars

Although the definitions might be different but what draws similarity between all the above mentioned terms is their relation to the past. Any old car might not be called a classic but a classic vintage car is definitely an old car that holds the characteristic features of a particular era. There are various conceptions in automobile lovers regarding the actual categorization of vintage and antique cars.

Solving the definition dilemma of classic vintage cars

Here we would deal with the terms veteran, vintage and classic sequentially. Firstly speaking of veteran cars, these are automobiles belonging to the pre – World War I era. Similarly a vintage car is a car that belongs to the era before the 1930s. Cars that fall in the time period from the 1930s to the World War II are termed as post vintage.

It is really a difficult task to draw a consensus over the definition of classic vintage cars. Some of the automotive organizations consider cars belonging to the 1940s as classics. On the other hand some other automobile organizations also refer to the cars belonging to the 1980s as vintage. However different the notions regarding classic or vintage cars be, all the automotive enthusiasts can deny the fact that a classic vintage car always possesses the ability to turn heads.

What makes a car qualify as a classic is its aesthetic appeal. Vintage cars might draw attention and appreciation of spectators owing to its timeless engineering beauty or design credentials that are symbolic of any particular era in the history. The classic vintage automobiles can be judged on the basis of three main ingredients namely age, desirability and rarity.

These beautiful machines always have an envy factor associated with them giving you a ride that others just dream of having. If the value of an old automobile model has sudden started showing upward trend from its previously falling nature it directly refers to one fact, i.e. it has reached the classic status. For instance the Ferrari Testorossa is one of the most famous classic cars in the present day.

Generally the restored version of a classic vintage car is priced lower than its concourse version. In the year 2013, July the most expensive car sold on auction was definitely none other than a classic model. It was the Mercedes Benz W196 Formula one car which was driven by none other than Juan Manuel Fangio also referred as the El Maestro in the racing world. This classic car was bid at a price as high as 19600000 euros.

However it’s not that modern day cars do not have the appeal of the classics.For instance the new Ferraris and Bugatti models are very well known as modern classics.

The blood for car engine – oil

Oil gets pulped through the small engine passage of car engine lubricating all the moving parts and also acts as cooling agent in order to decrease the heat generated by the engine. The survival of engine is completely dependent on its oil. The major parts that are involved in pumping oil throughout engine effectively are the oil filter, oil pump, oil pan and moving parts. The moving parts includes the cylinder walls, piston rings, rod and main bearings and valve train which needs to be lubricated to prevent metal to metal friction inside the engine. The oil filter will catch hold of harmful debris, dirt or metal that enters into the oil system. The more efficient the filter is, the greater the probability of protected engine. The oil pump is highly essential for engine lubrication. The pump is solely responsible to create pressure which pushes oil all through the engine parts. Without this pump, oil may sit ideally inside the pan. The oil pan is the place where oil waits to get propelled into its action by oil pump. When the pump pushes the oil, it finds its way through passage lubricating all parts of the engine and finally returns to oil pan making one complete cycle.

Engine oil for car should be changed at regular intervals. Skipping the process of changing oils, going beyond the mileage and extending the period for change of oil may accelerate wearing of significant parts which are essential to run the car smoothly. It also protects the car from premature breakdown. Once engine gets damaged, it will create deep hole in the pocket. So it’s better to change the engine oil for car at right time without any delay.

One should check manufacturer recommendation for the type of engine protection oil as it differs according to the driving condition. There are separate oils for extreme driving condition and normal driving ones. One should check in the list provided by the manufacturer before filling oil in the engine. Severe driving condition includes the frequent trips and hotter climatic conditions.

Engine protection oil should be selected based on the car and its usage. If the vehicle is SUV which travel in extreme cold or hot condition then one should go for full synthetic or synthetic blend oil. The oil also depends on the age of car. If the vehicle has traveled more than 75,000 miles, it is advisable to use high mileage oil in order to keep it completely functional.

It’s good to oil engine regularly than to suffer from unexpected breakdown while travelling.

Hydrogen Fueled Car Facts

With the current condition of the economy and gas prices at an all-time high, many folks are looking for different ways to save some money. Some are dropping cable TV, while others may be cutting back on dining out at restaurants. Many people, though, are researching the benefits of driving a hydrogen fueled car to free themselves from the dependency of fossil fuels like petroleum (where gas comes from). The hydrogen fueled caris supposed to be the greatest conception of the 21st century for the automobile industry. Before deciding to drive a hydrogen fueled car, it is important that you understand how a hydrogen-powered car works.

A hydrogen fueled car is powered by a special engine that is powered by water as a fuel (rather than gasoline). Yes, you’ve read that correctly – W-A-T-E-R. Through an electrical reaction called electrolysis, the “fuel cell” of a hydrogen fueled car is able to extract the hydrogen and oxygen atoms from the H20 (the water), and uses the hydrogen to power the engine. Pretty cool, huh?!

There are many benefits to driving a hydrogen fueled car. By using a car that runs on water, you not only save money from using less gasoline, you also reduce air pollution of harmful carbon dioxide emissions put into the air by dirty gasoline exhaust. With everybody trying to go green these days, a hydrogen fueled car is a great way to help save the environment.

A hydrogen fueled car also has a much high fuel efficiency at well above 50 miles per gallon. However, this does not really matter, as these cars are powered by water! Now, there are plans on the internet that will tell you how to build a hydrogen fuel cell for your car, but these plans are just theoretical. If making a hydrogen fueled car was so easy, everybody would be driving one!

Cracks Could Put Your Alloy Wheel beyond Repair

Your safety is vital. Don’t jeopardize it by ignoring cracks on the wheel. Contact some expert provider of car alloy wheel repairs to check to see whether the wheel can still be repaired or needs replacement. Alloy wheels do tend to be more brittle than the standard finish wheel. That is why exploring options for getting expert alloy wheels repairs done is critical.

Repairing a wheel is not always the best option in certain specific situations. Before alloy wheel repairs are decided upon the wheel should be thoroughly examined. Cracks are the commonest type of damage that can leave a wheel beyond repair. When a wheel bends near the base of a spoke, haze marks seen in the finish usually indicate cracks. A wheel can be thought to be irreparable if cracks appear near the base of a spoke or near the lug area. If there is a small crack on the inner lip of the wheel away from the spokes the damage is usually salvageable.

Before commencing car alloy wheel repairs a thorough inspection of the wheel is required. Straightening up the wheel would correct any side to side wobble and half the damage is usually undone by that. The chrome might have to be removed if a chrome wheel is bent severely, because there could be cracks underneath the chrome. The chrome would need to be ground out and re-welded. An inspection will search out finish defects, scuffs and scratches and even poor paint finish.

When you get alloy wheel repairs done you want to retain any original cast markings that the manufacturer has displayed. Then ensure that the medium used to strip the wheel which needs refinishing does not rough up the surface and tear away some of the metal. Though metal oxide or steel shot are more commonly used, using an acrylic medium similar to sand is more desirable. The former may be cheaper and quicker, but you don’t want to damage the surface of the metal. The mechanic would know whether the wheel needs to be re-machined or repainted or simply re-polished for it to look as good as new.

Alloy Wheel Repair Mobile Merseyside

Alloy Wheel Repair Mobile

Alloy wheels are should complement any vehicle, often increasing the value of the car. But when a wheel is broken or scratched, and generally looking ugly, damage can significantly reduce residual value of the car as well.

Alloy wheel scrapes may actually be more an aesthetic problem, deep scratches, scrapes and scratches that penetrate through the reality-based alloy can lead to oxidation, degradation of the alloy. When the damaged area is exposed to corrosive salt, adverse weather conditions and general wear, the problem may worsen considerably. Finally, what began as a relatively minor scratches or scrapes may lead to an alloy of alloy repair or replacement of full width.

Kerbed wheel repair and scratches can be made by owner of the car but it is interesting to note that the repairs of defects can be difficult. For a first attempt at a repair alloy may be complicated – The process may involve identifying colors, removing scratches or cuts, sanding, priming, masking, a base coat application, lacquer and finishing. Any purchase of equipment and materials for repair could be expensive to repair alloy wheels mobile specialist in an attractive and profitable.

Benefits of mobile repair alloy wheels

Mobile repair alloy wheels are relatively fast and can make a customer convenience, whether at work, at home or elsewhere, mostly because the process repair does not require expensive, dirty blast to make repairs. Usually, one or frayed Kerber mobile repair alloy wheels a couple of hours complete – which significantly reduces labor costs that would otherwise be incurred in a vehicle body shop.

Specialized mobile for repair of the wheel can also perform color and texture match to ensure a flawless finish work. All correspondence to the colors, repairs of wear, paint finishes and is carried out as part of mobile service, and usually takes about an hour or two. The best specialists to ensure their work, and it is always good idea of ​​organizing a free quote before you book your appointment – this way you will know exactly what to expect in terms of cost and service.

Classic Car Trader Made Easy

For buyers, a classic car trader is one of the finest places to go to find that particular make and model which will complete their priceless small collection. Whether they are online or on paper, the average trader will have a listing of diverse advertisements placed by sellers. Having the ability to make profit as an antique and classic car trader takes work. You need the mechanical knowledge to do your own repairs and alterations, or else it’s not actually worthwhile if you’ve got to pay some other person for everything. Classic vehicle Trader Online has a broad arrangement of resources you can link to.

You may find thousands of new and used vehicles for sale on the internet. You can read numerous classifieds online by choosing fast category ends up in a straightforward and convenient way or use the search form to see the most appropriate results for you. I believe there are quite one or two around as there are always 10 and for sale at any particular time. You’re able to target exactly the market you need. And at a great and reasonable price.

Additionally, if part of the explanation you’re purchasing the vehicle is so you can work on it and bring it back to its original condition and restore it, that’s’s another excuse you won’t need a perfect automobile. If you simply collect automobiles or you simply desire one that is’s in mint condition and you don’t have any intention of trying to fix it up yourself, then you’ll pay seriously more for a “good” to “mint condition” car. Classic auto trader magazines are also a bit pricey but they seem to reach a good target market. Internet sites are the least expensive and can reach an world world audience.

Read classic car trader adverts in mags, newspapers, focus your search by price range, product blueprint, store, or style – even assess your tax and shipping charges before purchasing. We set the standard that makes the standard classic car trader very frightened. Our selection of classic car traders are having a fairly better range of models and makes of old autos which are still having huge appeal. There are some of the most well liked and reputed auto producing corporations which are having great accountability and leading edge approach towards these cars for sale.

A classic car trader, regardless of the risks, remains the perfect choice for you if you interested in selling your old but nostalgia-inducing automobile, or hoping to buy an amazing rebuilt classic. There are more options, such as relying on word-of-mouth advertising, or having your auto put up for auction, but when it all comes down to it, a classic car trader can get your vehicle noticed by the greatest number of potential buyers. In the end, if you’re selling something, you would need it to be spotted by as many interested folks as possible .

Small Motor Designs, Concept Cars, Future Car Technologies, Hybrid Cars, Hydrogen Economy

Although the dawn of gathering produced hurried cars is still far away, major benefit combined with high ranking funding has resulted in many potentially ground breach technological changes in cars. Areas somewhere examination is primarily listening carefully on includes conclusion in mint condition energy sources and supplies; as well as biogas, hydrogen, nitrogen, stimulating and solar power as ability energy sources, building smart cars, making cars not as much of accident prone, saving energy, having greater fuel efficiency and producing cleaner cars, which get something done not pollute the natural environment. Manage of computational fluid dynamics help in a more efficient manage of energy.

The perception of a car propelled by nuclear energy could seem farfetched but the Ford Nucleon was pioneered in 1957, which was the paramount nuclear automobile. However, veto working prototypes were produced but nuclear energy can be looked next to in the coming as a ability fuel source with the knack to manage either liquid hydrogen or gasoline.

Apart from all these sound advantages, the aesthetics of the car are field of study to immense inspection as well. Movies suffer by and large heralded the creation of coming technologies in cars. Many of the skin tone there in the cars of near the beginning James adhere movies are there in mass-produced cars now. Here the picture, I Robot, released in 2004, the producers used the Audi RSQ sports coupé, which used spheres as an alternative of wheels.

Fiction has in addition occasionally dwelled into the opportunity of rapid automobiles. At home piece of information, the fancy of building such a vehicle has been grant forever since the former horizontal of the Wright Brothers took departure. At home January 2009, the Terrafugia Transition, urbanized by past NASA engineers, took its former test departure as the world’s former rapid car. The car has the capacity to transform from a car into a horizontal in approximately 15 seconds. The manufactures are self-possessed in the capacity of this integrated vehicle to be pile produced. Paul Moller has been difficult to manufacture a rapid car, which he calls a “Skycar”, his prototype labeled M200X was unveiled in 1989, which may perhaps become as penetrating as 50 feet. Added interestingly Skycar M400, which is his most modern design, has the capacity to take rotten and put down vertically, capacity found in harrier jets. The car can attain speeds of 400 mph and presently outlay $1 million but if it is to be pile produced it is likely to be presented on a more within your means cost. Additionally, present are many other prototypes in the moving parts as well as the likes of the Aerocar, Avrocar, ConvAir Car, Airphibian and Arrowbile. Many of these vehicles employ numerous sets of technologies instead of propulsion and aerial abilities, nearly of them employ propellers while the others are integrated with wings as well. Proper monetary property and technological integration amid these several prototypes can completely bring the fancy of pile production of rapid cars to a realism.